Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 8

Here we are just starting March and it already seems crazy busy.  I'm glad I have these daily pictures to look back on because it all happens so fast and is a blur in the moment. Is it too much to ask for more hours in the day or at least a slower pace so we can enjoy it more?  Maybe come summer.

Day 50- Saturday, 02/19/11
Tyler's a happy boy.  He used money from chores, babysitting, and good grades to buy this D&D book that is out of press.  John helped him find a copy on e-bay, and they were so thrilled when they won the auction.  I probably won't see him all week as he pours over his new treasure.

Day 51- Sunday, 02/20/11
It was a really nice day so the boys and I went for a walk with the dog out on the levee.  We enjoyed the sunshine but not the bugs!

Day 52- Monday, 02/21/11
We're home for President's Day and I got my new washer and dryer delivered.  Love them!  My old set was 18 years old so I was living in the dark ages.  Washers and dryers have come a LONG way in 18 years!

Day 53- Tuesday, 02/22/11
I snapped this shot before filing away paperwork while cleaning today.  All of my boys are doing wonderful in school, but Justin knocked it out of the park receiving all 4 possible awards for 4th grade last week. We are so proud and impressed.  Unfortunately, I missed the awards ceremony because it was the same day as Brandon's surgery, but hopefully I'll catch the next one.

Day 54- Wednesday, 02/23/11
I got to escape the lab and head to San Francisco for an outreach meeting.  This was the view through our conference room window--what a gorgeous day!

Day 55- Thursday, 02/24/11
Tyler's first basketball game of the season.  He's number 24 for now (temporary uniform).  The team did great and works well together.  They won by more than 10 points and were thrilled.  We'll be here pretty much every Thursday in March.

Day 56- Friday, 02/25/11
Preparing a Giemsa stain at work to help read blood smears.  I love the intense blue color of this stain and watching it mix with the water.  It actually ends up staining the smears another amazing color of purple.

Now for February's Family Photo . . .

We all decided it would be fitting to have it taken on our couch which will no longer be with us next month.  This couch has been through it all and is older than our oldest child--not quite as old as the washer and dryer but almost!  I'm so glad our family can stand the test of time even if all our possessions cannot.


  1. Really enjoyed looking at your photos this week!!!

  2. Love your photos! Such precious pictures of your family. :)

  3. WOW... great pictures as usual. Congrats on the new washer and dryer. I've longingly looked at the exact set. One day!!

    Have a great week♥

  4. I think you've done a great job capturing a nice variety of shots for you PL album! I've enjoyed seeing a little slice of your life this week... thanks for sharing!