Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 17

Hello Tuesday!  This past week went really fast probably because I was playing catch up at work from being out the week before.  I have to say I like fast work weeks and just wish the weekends would last  longer especially now that the nicer weather has kicked in.  We're expecting 80 degree temps all week and that sounds perfect to me!  It's been a LONG winter without much of a spring and I'm fine with skipping straight to summer.

Now to last week's pictures-

Day 113- Saturday, 4/23/11
The boys colored their Easter eggs.  Some were supposed to be marbled but the marbling effect didn't really work.  They still had fun though and are holding their favorites.

Day 114- Sunday, 4/24/11
Happy Easter!  Here's Justin with his Easter basket in the wee hours of the morning hence the bedhead and pj's.  He'll be getting a haircut next week!  We had a wonderful day with a great brunch next door and a huge egg hunt for lots of kids hyped up on sugar ;0)

Day 115- Monday, 4/25/11
Back at work after a good, long, relaxing week off.  Time to play catch up, and time for a new lab book.  Number 9 is as full as it can get.  It's probably my thickest book yet.  I can't wait to crack open the new one.  There's nothing like a fresh, crisp, clean book to dirty up.  I know--I'm such a nerd.

Day 116- Tuesday, 4/26/11
Brandon is relaxing after school, wiggling his VERY loose tooth and snuggling with his new ladybug friend the Easter bunny gave him.  Ladybugs are his latest fascination especially since ours started hatching late last week.  At first they are a solid yellow and then within a few hrs they get their spots and start turning red.  We now have 15 in all and will release them in the yard this weekend.  For now they'll eat raisins and crawl all over the dome making a mess as Brandon watches in delight.  He'll be sad to see them go, but is happy he has a ladybug plush he can keep forever to remember them by.

Day 117- Wednesday, 4/27/11
Tyler's learning to do the butterfly stroke at swim practice this week.  It's not a favorite with most but he seems to like it a lot.  His all time favorite is the back stroke  because it's the most relaxing but he swims best doing the freestyle.  His least favorite is the breast stroke.  The first meet is in 2 weeks. 

Day 118- Thursday, 4/28/11
That wiggly tooth came out yesterday and the tooth fairy paid a visit last night.  My kids get a quarter (yes, only a quarter) and as a special treat a coin from another country so they can look up what part of the world the tooth fairy traveled from last.  It's just a fun twist to take the emphasis off the money amount.  His tooth fairy was last in Australia and brought him a coin featuring Queen Elizabeth in honor of the up coming royal wedding where she'll no doubt be going next ;0)

Day 119- Friday, 4/30/11
Speaking of the royal wedding, I wasn't crazy enough to get up and watch it live (2am PST) but I did tape and watch it when I got home from work today.  It was a great way to unwind on a Friday afternoon.  I loved every minute of it.  Congrats William and Kate--Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  I vividly remember my parents waking me in the middle of the night to watch William's parents, Charles and Dianna, wed back when I was 11 years old, and I was happy to be able see the next generation do the same.

Wait! There's one more . . .

April's Family Photo

This was taken Easter Sunday in our backyard.  It's my favorite one so far, and look, even Tyler is smiling ;0)  Love this shot. 

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See you next week.


  1. Love the family photo, love the tooth fairy coin from another country idea (totally stealing this), love that you are the 3rd person that said they "taped" the royal wedding (i totally say tape vs. record or dvr...unless you are using a VHS, then sorry! ha ha ha) I watched it live 4:30 am EST...freak! I know! Happy Tuesday.

  2. Great pictures this week! I love the tooth fairy picture. Have a great week!

  3. Wonderful family picture!

    I love, love, love the shot of your son playing with his tooth.

    Have a great week! :)

  4. Oh what wonderful photos!! Nice to see that you enjoyed the wedding too, I LOVED it!!