Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 18

Is it Tuesday again already?  My weeks lately are a blur.  May is going to be a VERY busy month.  This past week started out so nice with a couple days ending up in the 90's (I was in heaven because I love the heat) and then there was a big cool off with high winds.  I think we dropped back down to the 50's which is way too much of a change for me.  I want the 90's back!  Hopefully the weather will make up its mind soon and stay warm for good.  My kids need the warmer weather for swimming and we all need less wind for allergy relief.

Enjoy last week's pictures--mostly in the sun ;0)

 Day 120- Saturday, 4/30/11
We released Brandon's ladybugs into the backyard flower beds today.  It was hard for him to let them go, but he knows they are better off for it and that he can go out back and look for them anytime he wants.  I think they were happy to be let out and my roses will be forever grateful.  Brandon was impressed they were old enough to have wings and already knew how to fly--his babies all growed up ;0)

Day 121- Sunday, 5/1/11
Happy May Day!  Tyler was kind enough to pose with some May flowers as my monthly marker.  It's so wonderful to see flowers that had completely died out last year come back to life in the spring.

Day 122- Monday, 5/2/11
Late last evening it was announced that US navy seals had captured and killed Osama Bin Laden who claims to be the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Of course this was all over the news today and the talk of the country.  There was a great sense of national pride but also some uncertainty as to what this really means for our country's continued safety.

Day 123- Tuesday, 5/3/11
Justin decided to finish his homework on the couch today so he could be closer to me (awww).  His brothers were already done and he felt lonely at the table.  He's practicing for the STAR test which is the state's standardized testing system.

Day 124- Wednesday, 5/4/11
After filling up my tank I had to snap of shot of gas prices before pulling out of the station.  These prices make me sick to my stomach.  We did hear that the price per barrel of oil has now dropped so there may be some relief at the pump soon.  As a commuter, I can only hope!

Day 125- Thursday, 5/5/11
This was one of those 90 degree days and the AC was not working in the classroom hence my wilted look, but we still had fun at Brandon's 1st grade Mother's Tea.  His face is stuffed with cookies which is why he looks like a chipmunk!

Day 126- Friday, 5/6/11
Tyler has a recycle event tomorrow for a NJHS (national jr honor society) service project and is baking cookies to take as a thank you treat.  Luckily he has no homework because he needs to get these done before swim practice.  Thankfully he enjoys baking so I didn't get any attitude and he was more than happy to help and taste test for quality control.

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  1. I so enjoyed your photos and journaling for this week. What a wonderful thing for your son to be able to release those lady bugs, I think it's awesome. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, you should live in SA, it's almost always hot here!! :)