Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 22

Is it really June?  Because it feels and acts more like February or March.  We've had a CRAZY weather week with lot's of rain and even some thunder, lightening, hail and a couple tornadoes!  I'm wondering how much longer my kids are going to have to swim in the rain before summer actually hits.  At least it's the last week of school and next week we'll be leaving the state on vacation hopefully heading for warmer temps and better weather all around.  Wait!--nothing but sunshine and 80's in the forecast for the rest of the week.  WooHoo!

Enjoy last week's pictures-

Day 148- Saturday, 5/28/11
No swim meet this week for the long holiday weekend which makes everyone happy.  It's a nice break.  John is using his free time to play with a new DJ toy.  He loves mixing his music.  Honestly, I can't tell the difference but the lights are sure pretty!

Day 149- Sunday, 5/29/11
 The sun has decided to peek out and John fixed the tires on my bike a couple weeks ago so Justin and I decided it was time for a ride around the neighborhood.  His brothers didn't want to go which was fine by him.  He enjoyed the time alone with me and talked my ear off about girls!

Day 150- Monday, 5/30/11
 It's Memorial Day so John busted out the BBQ books to help him grill and smoke all kinds of meat for us to enjoy and share.  The weather was awful, but he still managed to make the most of his grill, and now we have enough cooked meat to last us the rest of the week.  Yum!

Day 151- Tuesday, 5/31/11
This afternoon we were playing ball with Bella when she peered through our kitchen stools in search of a ball that rolled under them, and she looked so cute that I just had to snap a picture.  Brandon plays a game he calls "hide and seek ball" with her that is simply adorable.  She loves her afternoon time with the boys and this week was extra fun because there was no homework so they were all hers.

Day 152- Wednesday, 6/1/11
 Time for my monthly marker.  This sign should have a question mark on it because it sure doesn't feel like June!  Our normal temps this time of year are breaking the 90's or even 100's by now.  The plants, animals, and people are all confused and not happy about it either.  It was this one day that was really crazy with all types of wild weather too.  A tornado touched down in Natomas just an hr after I was there picking up a cake for our lab meeting tomorrow.  I had planned to take this picture in the pool while wearing my new swimsuit cover bought for our vacation but dipping my toes in while wearing my jacket will have to do!  Our pool is freezing and not getting used anytime soon :0(

Day 153- Thursday, 6/2/11
It's Tyler's night to bring dinner for the local youth group, and he loves tacos so we made a run for the border.  One size feeds all is an understatement.  I needed 5 to feed this hungry group!  That's 60 tacos in all plus chips, homemade layered dip, watermelon slices, soda, and brownies :0)  It impresses and pleases Tyler that my car smells like Taco Bell for the next few days after one of these runs.

Day 154- Friday, 6/3/11 
Brandon is feeling resourceful today and decided to use all kinds of things laying around his room to build a fort.  He says he's having a camp out with his toy dog Buttercup, and he did actually end up sleeping in here a few nights so I'd say his efforts were a success.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
See you next Tuesday if I can get the post out before our flight to Vegas!

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