Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 23

Things are finally warming up around here, and I like it, but it's just as we head out to leave on vacation.  We're hoping the pool will be warm enough to use upon our return.  I'll have to make this short as we fly out this morning so I don't have much time.  Also next week I'm sure to be a day or two late since we'll still be on vacation Tuesday and I'll have limited computer availability.

Here are last week's pictures-

Day 155- Saturday, 6/4/11
Swim meets are a lot like camping--tents, sleeping bags, coolers, folding chairs and fun.  Unfortunately this day it poured rain the whole 7 hrs we were there.  They only cancel if there is lightening.  What an interesting meet!

Day 156-Sunday, 6/5/11
The sun came out today and things started to warm up so Justin took advantage and played out front showing us how he can spin a ball like a pro.  Love the curled tongue.  Maybe it helps him balance?

Day 157- Monday, 6/6/11
One of the cool things about my job is that I get to use my interests in graphic design and scrapbooking to make posters for our group to take to scientific meetings.  This is one of my latest creations and my boss liked it so much that after the meeting she hung it outside her office.

Day 158- Tuesday, 6/7/11
Brandon had to stay home sick today.  He was running a fever and slept most the morning away.  Thankfully John could stay with him until I could return from work.  We tag team a lot when it comes to the kids and our jobs.

Day 159- Wednesday, 6/8/11
Here is Tyler after school enjoying a snuggle from Bella.  Only one day of school left and the kids are so happy to be almost done.

Day 160- Thursday, 6/9/11
The school year if officially over and the sun is shinning bright so we headed straight for the frozen yogurt shop to celebrate.

Day 161- Friday, 6/10/11
Tyler sold a bunch of old video games and pooled all his extra cash to be able to buy an XBOX.  I guess we know what his plans are for the summer.
That's all folks.  Time to catch my flight.
See you next week.

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