Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 26

Wow! Tuesday really creeps up fast on holiday weekends.  Hope everyone had a happy 4th!  This past week has been a week of getting back into a routine with work and camp and swimming and all the other commitments we have.  At least it's a summer routine but still a routine none-the-less.  We're back to alarm clocks and bedtimes and lunches to be packed, but it's a bit more relaxed and flexible.  We're also adjusting to the heat, and all I have to say is thank goodness for our pool!  It really makes those scorching afternoons bearable and even fun.  My boys can't get enough.

Enjoy last week's pictures:

Day 176- Saturday, 6/25/11
This swim meet was all Brandon's.  He had a killer meet finally deciding to swim like a human and not a dog.  Got to love the mindset of a 6 yr old.  His goal was to get a blue ribbon not because it means first place but because it's his favorite color.  Luckily for him he earned 2 blue ribbons taking 30 sec off his freestyle time and 19 seconds off his backstroke.  Never mind that he was in a heat by himself for both events meaning an automatic blue ribbon--he's too young to understand that and swam his little heart out earning every bit of both those ribbons ;0)

Day 177- Sunday, 6/26/11
The kids start summer day camp tomorrow at Camp Lakeside so I printed out the schedule for them to get a glance at what the week has in store.  Looks like a lot of fun stuff and a great way to keep them active, social, and away from TV and video games for most of the summer.

Day 178- Monday, 6/27/11
It's back to work for me after a nice 2 week break.  First order of business is going through 200+ e-mails to see what I missed and put out any fires that started while I was gone.  Thankfully I didn't miss much! 

Day 179- Tuesday, 6/28/11
Yesterday it was 90 out and today it's cold and pouring rain at the end of June!  It was like this pretty much all day.  I wish the weather would make up it's mind.  When they said chance of rain I was thinking more like summer showers not full on winter rain storm.  Justin and I had to brave this weather and the traffic that comes with it to make a dr's appointment this afternoon, and I could have done without the rain.

Day 180- Wednesday, 6/29/11
This is Brandon's favorite thing to do at camp--make lanyards.  He learned last year and picked it right back up.  I'm amazed at how well he is at it too.  He's got some good fine motor skills and a whole lot of patience.  Now maybe we can teach him to tie his shoes.

Day 181- Thursday, 6/30/11
Between camp and swim practice my kids have very little free time (maybe an hr a day) so they make the most of it when they get the chance.  The two older ones head straight for the the video games while the youngest drags out a bunch of toys to scatter all over the playroom.

Day 182- Friday, 7/1/11
How is it the first of July already?  July is Brandon's birthday month so he was more than happy to be my monthly marker.  He's so excited but still has to wait until the very last day in July before it's his birthday.  That's got to be tough but he doesn't seem to mind.  He's just happy it's July.

That's all folks!
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See you next week.


  1. Oh these were all so good! I just love the last one.

    Your son is so handsome. Those eyes!!

  2. What a great idea to have your kids in a photo with the month as your first day of the month photo. I may have to steal that idea!
    Great photos...
    Visiting from The Mom Creative.

  3. Love your photos, and I really liked your month marker--what a good idea!

  4. The weather this year has been crazy for us too! I love your month marker picture. I am off to see the other months now. Thank you for sharing! :)