Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 27

Happy Tuesday!  I'll have to make this quick because I'm heading to San Francisco this morning for an outreach meeting.  I can't wait to get out of the lab and away from my computer.  I've had way too much paper work lately, and I think the change in scenery will do me some good.  An attitude adjustment is in order!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 183- Saturday, 7/2/11
Brandon was looking at a new Lego magazine that showed a picture of a real cat and a Lego cat that someone built to match, and it inspired him to create his own Lego dog, Bella.  It turned out pretty cute, and he was so proud.  We'll have to submit his picture to the magazine as well.

Day 184- Sunday, 7/3/11
This was a holiday weekend so we had a lot of people over for swimming and grilling.  I was so busy having fun I didn't take many pictures but did manage to snap this shot of Richard catching a live fly for Justin's flytrap.  We were all quite impressed, and the trap was happy to have dinner too.  Richie's da man!

Day 185- Monday, 7/4/11
What better way to spend the 4th of July than in the pool?!  It was a hot one this year so we practically lived in the pool all weekend.  I take a picture of my boys with the flag every year but this is the first in a pool.

Day 186- Tuesday, 7/5/11
Enough fun and games--back to business.  With 3 kids we never have a shortage of appointment cards especially during the summer.  I try to schedule as many things as I can while the kids are out of school because it's even crazier to do it all during the school year when we have less free time.  Now the challenge is keeping it all straight and not forgetting anything or anyone.

Day 187- Wednesday, 7/6/11
And today it's Bella's turn.  Yes, even the dog has places to go and appointments to keep.  She had her annual visit and shots today.  I wish the kids were this happy to be seeing a doctor.

Day 188- Thursday, 7/7/11
Got to love a peaceful evening.  It's time for the daily wind down.  Reading before bed really does help calm them and get them ready for sleep.  Justin would prefer not read during summer break but its part of the nightly routine regardless of school.

Day 189- Friday, 7/8/11
After a short day at work we took off for a camping trip at Lake Camanche near Lodi.  It was fun but REALLY hot--102 when we first arrived.  I was more than happy to see the sun setting today to help cool things off.

Thanks for stopping by!
See you next week.


  1. I love the lego dog! So creative! Very fun pool/flag photo too. Great week of photos!

  2. Great pictures! Hope you have a nice day away from the lab. :-)

  3. My kids also LOVE their Lego! Your dog is so cute, very similar to our Billy! Glad to see you had a nice 4th of July. Enjoy this week further :)

  4. Wonderful photos. Love the pool shot and your camping photo. Looks like a great weel.

  5. Those are terrific pictures - and camping in 100 degree weather? Wow! I'm a wimp. No way I'd do that.

  6. Hi there! I love the picture of your busy schedule board and the dog in the rear view ;) Very creative!! :)

  7. Love the schedule board! That is real life for sure. :)

  8. I agree about the schedule board, crazy to keep up with all the kids! Love the sunset photo!

  9. What a fun week! Love the sun setting against the tent picture and the one of the boys in the pool with the flag. :)