Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 32

I'm off  from work this week so I can stay home with the boys for their last few days before school starts. We have no major plans except to have some fun here and there while also getting a few household chores done.

Enjoy last week's pictures-

Day 218- Saturday, 8/6/11
While on our coastal camping trip we hit up 10 mile beach just north of Fort Bragg.  It was a little chilly and foggy but the boys didn't seem to mind.  They had a blast running in the waves and playing in the sand.

Day 219- Sunday, 8/7/11
Gotta love morning bed head especially when camping ;0)  This is our last day on the coast.  We'll pack up and head home right after breakfast.

Day 220- Monday, 8/8/11
Halloween already?  A costume catalog came in the mail today, and Justin spent a great deal of time trying to decide what he wants to be.  I seriously cannot think that far ahead.

Day 221- Tuesday, 8/9/11
We've been home from camping for a couple days now but things are still drying out.  It was VERY damp on the coast so we had to set up a drying station in our garage.  At least its hot here so we'll be ready to pack it all away soon.

Day 222- Wednesday, 8/10/11
The kids and I were watching America's Got Talent when Brandon called me upstairs to see his "talent."  You can tell from the huge, real smile on his face how proud he is to be able to climb our walls.  Just what I need--a spider monkey to add to the mix.

Day 223- Thursday, 8/11/11
Bella has perfected downward dog while wagging that tail of hers.  This is clearly her favorite yoga pose as she does it all the time.

Day 224- Friday, 8/12/11
Today at work I'm preparing parasite cultures for my absence next week.  These are my "other children."  I've got to feed and tend to them 3 times a week, and I hope my new lab assistant will take good care of them while I'm gone.  It's so hard to let go.

  Wait!  Just one more . . .

August's Family Photo

Here we are on our camping trip.  It seemed like a good time for a family photo.

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  1. I love the idea of monthly family photos. You have a beautiful family.