Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 35

Last week exhausted me.  It was the first full week back to school for the boys and  back to work for me so by Friday I was spent, but it ended with a 3-day weekend which was just what we all needed.  This week the extra curricular activities start back up-- karate, water polo and fall swim.  Lord help me!  At least it's a short week, and I have a girl's weekend in the wine country to look forward to ;0)

Enough chit-chat.  Here are last week's pictures:

Day 239- Saturday, 8/27/11
John had a big fight-night party (MMA) to celebrate the end of summer.  The girls could care less about the fight so we hung out by the pool instead.

Day 240- Sunday, 8/28/11
After much unnecessary nonsense from AT&T (long story), I finally got a smart phone today. It's an Android driven Samsung Infuse and was an anniversary present from my sweet husband. I love it but need more time to figure it all out.

Day 241- Monday, 8/29/11
Milk, milk and more milk!  I'm always running to the store to buy milk.  I guess I should be glad they prefer to drink it over soda and juice but, geesh, there's never enough.  I need a fridge stocked like this in my house.

Day 242- Tuesday, 8/30/11
Finally the Amazon package with Brandon's new book came.  He really enjoys the Magic Tree House series and the latest release is about dogs (his favorite subject) so he couldn't wait.  I pre-ordered it but along with another pre-order and since they sent them together his book came after we had already seen them in the stores so he was getting a little antsy.  It's wonderful how excited he is about receiving a new book.  This package made his day. 

Day 243- Wednesday, 8/31/11
Today was a minimum day at school so after I promised Tyler we would head to Jamba Juice where he could use his gift card.  He received it from one of his teachers for helping out in classrooms to set up for the new school year and for passing our schedules to the middle school kids just before school started. He wasn't expecting anything in return so was pleasantly surprised by the reward.

Day 244- Thursday, 9/1/11
Tyler gets the honor of being my monthly marker since September is his birthday month and he has the most impressive stack of school books at home.  Apparently the English books are on order and haven't arrived in time for the start of school or he'd have one more.

Day 245- Friday, 9/2/11
I'm out making one last trip to the store for, you guessed it, milk! It's almost 7pm and still 100 degrees.  We're heading into a triple digit weekend so I guess our plans will be to spend the next 3 days in the pool. 

Thanks for stopping by.
See you next Tuesday.


  1. We finally left our triple digit days behind (I hope), and I am so ready for fall! Hope you had a good weekend and love your month photo. I forgot you did that and keep thinking I should but always forget. I also understand your milk situation. We got through about 1 1/4 gallons a day at our house--always need more milk!

  2. We're still in triple digits too ... it's KILLING me!!!!!

  3. HIlarious. That one bottle of milk would go last us a month!
    The juice would go down well though.. we live at Boost!

  4. I like your September marker pic. I think my son had the same Creating America book last year. Hope it cools down soon. We had our first cool day yesterday in a long time meaning it didn't get out of the 70s. yay!

  5. We are big milk drinkers too! We need a cow in the backyard.