Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 38

Last week was a fun week scheming and plotting to prepare for Tyler's birthday surprise.  It was also really hot, and we kept thinking isn't it almost fall?  I'm so ready for fall and luckily this past weekend we got a good taste of it.  It was 102 on Friday but got really windy and cloudy Saturday and dropped to the 70's!  Huge change and then it rained Sunday.  Careful what you wish for!  Not sure it will last though.  This week we'll be back in the 90's.  Mother nature needs to make up her mind!

Onto last week's pictures-

Day 260- Saturday, 9/17/11
Out to dinner with friends at Fuji's Sushi in Elk Grove, CA.  This was my first sushi experience, and I'm not a big fan mostly because I don't do seafood, but there were plenty of other things there I could eat so all was good.  I pretty much went for the company and not the food.

Day 261- Sunday, 9/18/11
Justin was into "creating" his own burger tonight complete with lettuce, onion, mustard, cheese and pickle.  He said, "This is the burger I was born to make!" But when it actually came down to eating it he wasn't too impressed.  LOL!  I think he'll stick to his usual plain burger next time.

Day 262- Monday, 9/19/11
This is exactly how I felt after my Monday too.  Poor kid was all tuckered out and had to fight to stay awake.  Really?  How hard could second grade be?!  I wonder if he would trade places with me.

Day 263- Tuesday, 9/20/11
This is more like it!--a rare event these days.  Tyler caught a ride to water polo and John took the younger kids to karate so I had the house to myself for a good hour.  It was just me and the dog who was also enjoying the peace.  I think Tuesday evenings are going to be my favorite this fall.

Day 264- Wednesday, 9/21/11
Brandon helped me sort out the colors of M&Ms we need for Tyler's 49er birthday cake and as a treat he got to eat some of the colors we didn't need.  I love that these are also fall colors given his birthday is on the first day of fall.

Day 265- Thursday, 9/22/11
I'm baking Tyler's birthday cake and of course the kids are hovering waiting to lick the mixing beaters.  This is the best part of baking a cake or so they think.  They're even willing to help if they get first crack at the goods.

Day 266- Friday, 9/23/11
Happy Birthday Tyler!  He turned the big 13 today and was expecting a small family party but got surprised by his friends being here to help him celebrate when he came home.  They are a great bunch of friends that did a super job making his day extra special.  He was in total shock and extremely thrilled.

Wait!  One more . . .

September's Family Photo

This was taken in our home Sunday afternoon.  We just got back from the neighbor's rainy birthday party and were stuck inside so we decided to snap a shot.  Bella also joined us this month although she would rather look at her peeps than the camera ;0)

OK, we're done!
Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week.


  1. The cake you made is awesome and I love the bowl of m&ms! Really great family photo too!

  2. Wonderful photos. Those m&ms look delicious. Love your family photo. I need to do that each month.

  3. I got kind of excited when I saw that you were in Elk Grove. My husband grew up there and his parents are still there so we try to get out to see them every few years. :) I love that cake!

  4. Birthday weeks are always crazy. Bless you. Your Tuesdays sound like good days! Love the M&M picture! Have a great week and hope you get the cooler fall weather.