Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 40

Fall is most certainly in the air.  We've had wet weekdays but beautiful sunny weekends which is always nice.  I busted out the fall decorations and I'm enjoying the season.  Now I want to bake some yummy fall treats, but I'm trying to cut a few pounds so I can't go crazy.  Maybe just a loaf of pumpkin bread or two.  The good thing is my boys love it as well and will have it mostly eaten before I get any!  As long as I can have that wonderful smell in my house I think I'll be good.

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 274- Saturday, 10/1/11
Happy October!  It seems only fitting to have our black lab pose for this month's marker.  She is also enjoying these nice fall days with cooler temps.  Stretching out on the grass is one of her favorite things to do in our backyard.

Day 275- Sunday, 10/2/11
John is putting our tomato crop to good use by making salsa.  When he's done he'll sit down with a big bowl of his creation and some chips to watch a football game or two.

Day 276- Monday, 10/3/11
What's for dinner tonight?  Oven-roasted chicken or as my kids affectionately call it "chicken on the bone."  They love chicken made this way and will save it as the last thing on their plate because they want to "save the best for last."

Day 277- Tuesday, 10/4/11
Yet another sign of fall--my orchid is in bloom.  I think this is the most flowers I've ever seen at one time.  Usually it's only two or three, but this year we have at least nine in the works.

Day 278- Wednesday, 10/5/11
They were predicting rain for today and rain it did!  We had thunder, lightening, and huge downpours.  It was raining so hard at times that you couldn't help but peek outside to watch in amazement.  Thank goodness swim was canceled for tonight.

Day 279- Thursday, 10/6/11
Yep! My 7yr old still wishes he was a dog.  It's not unusual to see him crawling around the house acting like one most afternoons.

Day 280- Friday, 10/7/11
I love this little pumpkin bowl I picked up at Nugget Market a couple years ago.  It's perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  My kids also enjoy the seasonal treats I fill it with.  Have you tried peanut butter m&m's with candy corn?  Such a gooood combination.  Now what was I saying before about losing a few pounds?  I think I started at the wrong time of year.

That wraps up last week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday!

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