Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 44

Welcome back!  I'm loving the fall weather.  Boy did it ever cool down once November hit.  I was not prepared for myself and had to do some quick cold-weather clothes shopping--lots of sweaters and layers ;0)  Thank you to my friend Sharon for helping me out.  Now I'm good to go!

Here are last week's pictures-

Day 302- Saturday, 10/29/11
John is helping Tyler add fake blood to his jacket for Halloween--the bloodier, the better!  Gross, but that's what Halloween is all about these days.  The cute costumes are out and the gore is in.

Day 303- Sunday, 10/30/11
We're carving pumpkins this afternoon.  My kids love Pumpkin Master's carving kits and can now pretty much do all their pumpkins on their own.  Justin is concentrating hard and put a great deal of time into his creation.

Day 304- Monday, 10/31/11
My trick-or-treaters all dressed up and ready to go.  This year we have Bumblebee, a Zombie Hunter and a Pharaoh.  It was a beautiful night out and the boys had a blast making two rounds with their dad while I passed out treats to the others creatures of the night.

Day 305- Tuesday 11/1/11
Happy November!  Brandon took this picture for me ;0)  I think someone flipped a switch last night because it went from being a really pleasant fall to down right cold.  The wind was unreal today and the temps really dropped.  We are also expecting rain!  I'm good with fall but not ready for winter just yet.  Brrr!  Time to get me some long sleeve shirts.

Day 306- Wednesday, 11/2/11
It's amazing the trees still have leaves after the wind yesterday, but I'm glad they do because the fall colors are amazing to look at.  Our trees are just now turning, and they look so pretty.

Day 307- Thursday, 11/3/11
Finally the last day of water polo and in the rain no less.  At least this pool is heated well so the boys don't mind as long as they are in the water.  It's the getting out that is torture.  Tyler joined this team with his friend Quinn which was nice because we could carpool, and they had a lot of fun together.

Day 308- Friday, 11/4/11
Yep, it's Friday and that means no homework so Brandon gets creative about how he spends his afternoons.  Today he was teasing the dog by repeatedly crawling down the stairs.  She wasn't sure what to think of him, and he thought that was really funny.

That's it for this week.
Stay warm and see you next Tuesday!


  1. I was wondering how those intricate pumpkins were carved. Maybe we'll give it a try next year!

  2. I love how you always do your month shots. Next year I need to remember to do that!