Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week 43

Happy November! What?!  It's November already?  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday.  It was a beautiful, warm, fall night and my boys had a blast trick-or-treating.  Today it's crazy windy out.  I welcome the cooler temps but could do without the wind.  Now it's time to start planning for turkey day and kick off Christmas shopping.  Why do I feel like I'm already behind?

Let's forget about that and move on to last week's pictures:

Day 295- Saturday, 10/22/11
We had a very nice wine party at Sharon and Richie's house complete with a great assortment of wine, cheese, bread, and chocolate, but the guys preferred to drink this skull head vodka.  It was perfect looking for the season and they had a good time but it wasn't wine.  Oh well--more for us girls ;0)

Day 296- Sunday, 10/23/11
Good, old-fashioned, paper airplanes were the toy of choice today.  The boys spent hours creating and flying their planes.  Love it when they unplug and get back to basics.

Day 297- Monday, 10/24/11
I'm not sure why, but Brandon put his pj's on right after school and then decided to go outside and blow bubbles.  LOL!  Totally random.  Good thing we had no other plans.

Day 298- Tuesday, 10/25/11
Tyler's drooling over the new Toys-R-Us big toy book for Christmas while relaxing after a long day at school and Bella is keeping him company.  This is her favorite time of day--when we all come home just to be with her ;0)

Day 299- Wednesday, 10/26/11
Justin says this is his favorite pumpkin decoration, and he loves the way the candle smells because it's like pumpkin pie.

Day 300- Thursday, 10/27/11
There was an amazing sunset today as I was dropping Tyler off at water polo so since I had time to kill I drove out past Davis towards Woodland to get a shot in the country.  I was supposed to be taking a picture of the last day of water polo but the coaches decided to add one more week.  *sigh*

Day 301 Friday, 10/28/11
It's chow time and the boys are all lined up eager to eat as they watch a little TV.  Can you tell it's getting dark earlier and earlier?  I usually never have to turn on the lights during dinner but that's not the case anymore.

Wait! One more-

October's Family Photo

The lighting is a little off on this shot because the sun was setting, but I still love it because it's fun!  The boys had a great time carving pumpkins today, and I supervised while John napped so we didn't quite get to ours.

OK, that's it.
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