Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 3

What a whirlwind week we had last week.  We rented a condo way back in November for my birthday ski trip in January and almost didn't have enough snow.  Luckily at the last minute a storm moved in and gave me the winter wonderland I wished for in my escape from reality.  We had a blast and wished we could have stayed at least one more day.  Now it's back to work and the daily grind, but at least I had my winter snow and ski fix to help keep me plugging along.

Enjoy last week's pictures:

Day 15- Sunday, 1/15/12
Today I made a pepperoni and cheese bread loaf in my new bread machine that I got for Christmas.  It was a hit especially with the boys.  Love my bread machine.  It replaces my old one that I pretty much wore out and this one has lots of new bells and whistles.  Isn't technology wonderful?

Day 16- Monday, 1/16/12
We were home for Martin Luther King holiday, and the sun was shining so we all went outside to play.  The boys and the dog ran around while I did some more yard work.  Brandon is really the only one that still fits in this play fort out back.  It won't be long before we decided to take it down and maybe put some garden boxes here.

Day 17- Tuesday, 1/17/12
We are heading to the mountains for a ski trip in a couple days and I needed to get the most recent weight and height stats on my kids for ski rentals.  Justin weighs in at 72.5 lbs, Tyler is a whopping 106 lbs (he's so proud that he recently broke the 100 lb mark) and Brandon is 64 lbs.  I was also amazed that Tyler is now 5'8''.  Where have my little boys gone??

Day 18- Wednesday, 1/18/12
At work I'm running a lot of western blots--something I used to do all the time back in the day but not so much anymore.  Time to retrain and jog my memory.  At least the gel and blotting systems are more streamlined and take less time these days.  Yep- technology is a wonderful thing!

Day 19- Thursday, 1/19/12
We're heading to the mountains and it's snowing!  We just hit the chain controls.  They have not had snow in the Sierras since early November which is unheard of.  It's been an extremely dry winter so this is a welcome surprise even if it does make for a white knuckle drive.  Northstar at Tahoe or bust!

Day 20- Friday, 1/20/12
It snowed last night but rained ALL day today which really put a damper on our plans.  We were going to go snow tubing and ice-skating but all that was closed because of the rain.  The boys at least had fun playing in a small patch of snow at the village as their dad looked on while taking cover from the wet weather.

Day 21- Saturday, 1/21/12
The snow returned in full force so we hit the slopes!  We were so happy to wake up to a beautiful blanket of fresh powder.  It snowed on us all day but no one complained because it's so needed.  We just bundled up and enjoyed the well covered slopes.   HaHa!  You can't even tell this is John and Tyler.  At least the flakes were big and fluffy.  It was like skiing in a snow globe ;0)  The other two are in ski school which they have decided is way more fun than real school. 

Wait!  One More:

January's Family Photo

Our wonderful family at the Northstar Village in Tahoe just before heading home.  So nice of the sun to come out and send us off for an easy drive home.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.



  1. your pictures are so clear! and skiing in tahoe, jealous! love love love the bread, i can practically smell it! It's funny how you can be glad to weigh a lot...do girls every feel like that? lOL Keep Calm and Project Life On...

  2. New bread machine? I'm in the market... was going to get one at Christmas and had a hard time deciding on the best one. What did you get??? Are you completely happy with it?

    1. So far I like the machine a lot. It's Panasonic SD-YD250. It got a lot of great reviews which is why I chose it and it exceeds my expectations especially since I'm used to an older model (13 yrs old!). This one has a lot of good improvements.

  3. That bread sounds delish!

    I love the windshield photo! The condo and area look so pretty!!

    Happy belated Birthday!

  4. Great pics! Care to share your recipe?

    1. Here's a link to the recipe except I used real milk and not the powder with water. Enjoy! My kids were amazed I could make bread that tasted like pizza. Toast it and dip in a little sauce--way good!


  5. Great pictures! Love the one of you & your family at the resort!!
    Julie Coryell
    (had to comment under my hubby's google as the wordpress link isn't letting me post.)

  6. Hey Andrea, it's great to catch up again!!! I have missed your lovely photos. What a wonderful week. I am envious of your bread machine, I have already told hubby it's a must have this year. I want to make more soups this coming Winter, and what could be nicer than fresh bread with it. Lucky you to have a snow weekend away for your birthday, it's a dream of mine too. I have asked hubby to take me to the Berg for my birthday which is in July (our Winter here in SA), I could dream of it snowing while we were there! See you next week :)

    1. Yes Rene- wonderful to catch up. I love the updates about your life in South Africa. I could not live without a bread machine. I've had one for many years and use it all the time not just for bread but also for making dough for pizza crust, dinner rolls and empanadas. Hoping you get your snowy birthday as well in July--LOL! Sounds so funny to me--snow in July.

  7. I love how you captured what my hubs calls home so beautifully! We miss it up there!