Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2

John was gone all last week which was brutal for me especially since ALL the kids' activities started back up.  It made for a really LONG week with some really LONG days.  I'm looking forward to a much easier week this week.  It will be a short one with MLK yesterday and the start of our ski vacation (with or without snow) Thursday.  Even if we can't ski it will still be nice to get away.  "Escape"--I think that will be my word for the year.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 8- Sunday, 1/8/12
Justin is the only one left with Christmas presents still to build.  The other two got all theirs done during vacation but Justin is spacing things out.  Today he decided to tackle this Mario Kart K'nex set and was proud and excited to finish.  It's a pretty cool set with motorized cars and all. 

Day 9- Monday, 1/9/12
Before heading off to school the boys say goodbye to their dad who will be in Boston all week.  Lord help me!  I'm not used to parenting on my own.  We have a great tag team approach but when there is no one to tag with it all falls apart.

Day 10- Tuesday, 1/10/12
Today was one of those REALLY long days because karate started back up and we were there for 2 hrs right after dinner.  Plus Justin had a ton of homework that he had to finish while we waited for Tyler's class to end.  You can see Tyler in the background right between the door frame.  He volunteers as a helper during the younger kids' class and then has his class right after for teens and adults.

Day 11- Wednesday, 1/11/12
My boys are loving this new Skylanders game and are determined to collect all the figures.  I bought them 3 new ones yesterday (so hard to find) but they didn't have time to play so today they got to try them out.

Day 12- Thursday, 1/12/12
It's Tyler's turn to bring food to youth group and we thought we'd change things up by bringing hot dogs which is one of Tyler's favorite foods.  Pizza and tacos are his other favorites but they get that all the time.  I hope they liked the change.

Day 13- Friday, 1/13/12
One of the nice things about the winter trees having little or no leaves is that you discover the bird nests that have been there in secret all year.  This one was in a neighbor's tree hanging over into our backyard.  I love seeing all the interesting things they use besides sticks to build their nests.  This one had old packing tape, some white string, and Easter grass.

Day 14- Saturday, 1/14/12
Go Niners!  The boys were all dressed when I went to the store, but upon my return I found them re-dressed in football jerseys.  Can you tell John is home?  It was the first playoff game and the Niners won so we had some happy boys in this house--especially the biggest boy ;0)

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Love the picture of the nest in the tree. What a great discovery.

  2. Love the photos - esp day 10, with the peek view in the back!