Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 8

Happy Tuesday!  It's hard to believe another week has come and gone already.  Where does the time go?  I seriously could use a few extra hours in each day.  There is just not enough time to get everything done.  Oh well!  At least I have these pictures to look back on and see what the blur was all about ;0)

Here are last week's shots:

Day 50- Sunday, 2/19/12
Justin spent a good portion of the day finishing up his black history poster.  Unfortunately, school projects or the only action my Cricut sees these days.  Two of my boys know how to work the thing better than I do!

Day 51- Monday, 2/20/12
Brandon has been spending a lot of time over the past couple weeks practicing timed addition and subtraction tests.  Today was no exception.  He's pretty good with the addition but is having a hard time with the subtraction.  He's counting on his fingers, and that eats up a lot of valuable time.  We'll have to try flash cards to help him memorize the facts.  Next year multiplication!

Day 52- Tuesday, 2/21/12
Puppy love!  Who couldn't love this sweet dog?  But I think Brandon loves her most of all.  These two are inseparable and often times lead to trouble as partners in crime.  Gotta love a boy and his dog. 

Day 53- Wednesday, 2/22/12
It's mussel mania as we like to call it.  Here in the lab we are dissecting over 60 mussels collected along the coast and processing the samples to look for evidence of fecal pathogens.  My job is to collect the hemolymph, a clear fluid that's like the mussel's blood, by drawing it out with a syringe.  It smells like the ocean in here today!

Day 54- Thursday, 2/23/12
Tyler and his friends, Cameron and Brennen, are eagerly awaiting the start of their first basketball game.  It's going to be a fun season with the three of them playing together.  Good luck boys!

Day 55- Friday, 2/24/12
This is my first ever champagne cake made yesterday to take to work today for a birthday celebration.  I found the recipe on Pinterest (love that site) and it turned out great with raspberry, butter-cream frosting.  Yum!  It was a big hit and gone in no time.

Day 56- Saturday, 2/25/12
The best thing I've ever taught my boys was how to clean their own bathroom.  Today is house cleaning day, and it's so nice to go in there and just have to touch up a bit instead of cringing at the thought of cleaning up after 3 boys and their bathroom business.  They don't really like it (look at the disgust on Tyler's face--LOL), but I sure do!  Also, since they know they have to clean it, they are more careful about not messing it up so much during the week.  Win! Win!

Wait!  One more-

February's Family Photo

This was taken on a cold winter weekend when turning on the oven to make homemade pizza sounded like a perfectly warm idea.  We love making pizza as a family--good food, good times!

Now that's it ;0)
Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


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  1. Making pizza as a family is one of my favorite Friday night memories as a kid. I've been trying to carry it on with my kids. Love you photos.

  2. Great set of photos! Your job sounds so interesting!! And I really love that last family pic. That looks like lots of fun ;)

  3. My circut gets the same kind of work out yours does:) understand the week going in a blurr, and it is nice to have the pictures to see what happened :) Hope basketball goes well, we are getting ready for track and soccer here. Have a great week!

  4. Great job! I love the family photo of the month--great idea! I can't believe you've been doing this for 3 years...I don't know if I'm going to get through my first! :)

  5. I love them all!!!! So cool to see you at work & making pizza as a family is something I have been wanting to do for a long time!

  6. Absolutely LOVE your pictures. Love that you incorporate pictures of you from work. Also love the homemade pizza pic!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such great shots. I love Day 52 and 55. I love that they clean their own bathroom. Great idea. I will do that for sure. What age did you start? ha ha.

  8. Man, what a good week! Looks like it was productive and fun. :)

  9. Great pics this week! Love that math test shot. So "Now" and I also love the one of you at work. That's an important aspect of life that we often forget about. Have another fabulous week this week! Hugs, Jessica

  10. Great set of pictures - you have a lot going on in your life. Do you put these into an album? Layouts?

  11. the coolest mom's I know, are mom's of all boys! so you are in that group, love it! I love that you took a photo of your boys cleaning the bathroom. My kids have to clean theirs too and it's great ;) I do have to go behind them to touch up but still :) Keep Calm and Project Life On! :)

  12. Great week in pictures! I love the shot of bathroom cleaning. Our kids have to do it too... but we only have the youngest of both of our combined families living at home now (my youngest & hubby's youngest). Yep! We are a modern day Brady Bunch... I call it the Brady Bunch +3.
    Awesome family shot too!

  13. Ok, so there were so many photos I enjoyed from your last week!!! GREAT school poster, love the one of your son and cute pup, yummy looking cake. Good on you for getting your sons to clean their own bathroom, and family night pizzas look amazing!!