Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 13

Happy Tuesday!  We are on spring break here but have no real plans which is ok because I think we all need some down time especially after the big birthday bash this past weekend.  It was really fun but also exhausting.  Looks like the weather might actually be nice for us.  The sunshine is a welcome sight!  No more basketball, no karate all month, and no social skills class or school this week.  Yay!  We do start swim practice Wednesday though and with 3 in 3 different age groups we'll be at the pool at least 3x a week for 3hrs each time.  I think I'm going to make the most of it, get a membership, and use the rec. center to workout while I'm there.  Might as well!  I want to tone up for summer anyway, but I also want to read a few books.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions--I'll probably have enough time for both!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 85- Sunday, 3/25/12
Sundays are usually mending day.  Tyler has received 3 stars in karate towards a second degree black belt and I've been lagging on getting them attached to his Gi so today is the day.

Day 86- Monday, 3/26/12
This is where you can find my oldest most evenings--totally plugged in to his phone and on the computer.  If he's not here at the desk in the playroom he's on his bed plugged into the phone listening to music and/or texting.

Day 87- Tuesday, 3/27/12
We are gathering things for Justin's Angry Birds' party Saturday, and I found him upstairs playing with some of the stuff while using blocks his grandfather made.  Great idea!  We may even use this as a game for the party if we need more fun things to do.

Day 88- Wednesday, 3/28/12
At work one of my daily tasks is to count the suspension cells so I can keep them in log-phase growth, and here I'm prepping the samples to count.  It has to be done in a hood so they don't get infected with fungus or yeast which runs rampant in the air this time of year. 


Day 89- Thursday, 3/29/12
I'm running out of time and still have lots to do for Justin's party.  After work I was able to get the favor bags done and organized.  Good thing I have tomorrow off so I can finish up everything else.


Day 90- Friday, 3/30/12
Today is a university holiday (Caesar Chavez) so I'm home and have some time to really get stuff done.  John regularly has early morning conference calls that he takes in our home office.  He locks himself in so the kids and dog are not distracting.  Bella does not like this one little bit and will diligently lay outside whining until he's done.  I'm not usually here in the mornings so even though I've heard of this I've never really seen it until now.  Love this dog and her loyalty.

Day 91- Saturday, 3/31/12
Happy Birthday Justin!  This is his year for a big party where he can invite friends and have a fun filled bash.  All the planning and preparations have paid off.  Justin's Angry Birds' party was a huge hit.  It was a terribly rainy day out, but we had loads of fun going to laser tag and then coming back to the house for an epic celebration.

Wait! One more--March's Family Photo

 I wanted to do something different and fun so here it is--the Packham family feet ;0)  I think Tyler's are the biggest, and I'm not sure what Brandon is looking at, but I love that he's piled on top of John.

OK, that's it!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


Naptime Momtog


  1. love the family feet photo! Glad the birthday party went well. Those are so much work! Isn't it nice it is over? Your swimming coming up sounds like lots of work too! Enjoy your spring break!

  2. Great shots!!! Love all the angry bird stuff. I am sure you saw all my angry birds birthday posts right? That is so cool that he made his own little game. So fun! Looks like a fun week!!

    1. Yes Sarah- I saw your party pictures and you threw an amzing party. I'm glad you did yours first because it was great inspiration.

  3. I found myself smiling while looking at your pictures...love the old blocks with Angry birds for sure...and the feet picture is great :) poor dog being locked out...I love dogs!


  4. yay for you getting the family photo in for March...I think i may have forgotten. erg. oh I love your angry birds party! that's awesome!

  5. Love the feet shot. That totally made me laugh:) You all are too cute. The angry birds party sounded fantastic, what a good idea! The blocks too....brilliant! -heather (www.heathershomemadehome.com)

  6. I love all the pictures that you captured for the whole week ... your picture while at work is the best WOW !!!!

  7. Love seeing that shot of you at work- so cool!!!!

  8. Great picture of the family feet!! Looks like a fun week.