Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 14

Hello!  I hope everyone had a good Easter.  It's back to the grind for me.  Spring break is over and it was way too short.  Oh well, only a couple months left in the school year.  I think we'll somehow make it through.  I still didn't get an escape over spring break, but I do have one coming up in the next couple weeks which gives me a warm place to go and something to look forward to.  We were truly blessed with amazing spring weather for Easter, but alas, today it will rain yet again.  One of these days we'll have an entire week with no rain or poor weather and hopefully it will be soon.  Come on spring--show me what you got!!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 92- Sunday, 4/1/12
Here are my April fools ;0)  I traded in my older son for 2 younger models--just kidding.  Justin had a couple friends from his birthday party spend the night and Tyler went to Cameron's house to escape the rowdiness.  Gotta love lazy Sunday mornings when everyone is still in their jammies especially after a fun sleepover.

Day 93- Monday, 4/2/12
See, we do have a few days of spring here and there.  Today the sky was really blue and the sun was out so I went in the backyard to take a picture of some flowers and just happened to catch a bee!  I guess it's really no surprise since there are so many out right now, but it wasn't something I was expecting to get a picture of.  Yay for spring!  Bees I'm ok with--it's the wasps I don't like, and they will be here soon enough.

Day 94- Tuesday, 4/3/12
Justin is happy to have the entire break to play with all his new birthday toys.  He really enjoys jumping on a pogo stick and asked for this new Razor one that is supposed to jump even higher.  He gave it a good go and gives it his seal of approval.  I also caught his new, green, pig ball bouncing in the background--Brandon was playing with that and threw it in my shot!

Day 95- Wednesday, 4/4/12
Today I'm getting this lovely crack in my windshield taken care of.  Good riddance!  I'm not sure exactly how I got it.  My car was fine when I parked it at work last week, and then when I came out to head home I found this right in my line of sight.  Thankfully there is a guy coming to the house to get it done.

Day 96- Thursday, 4/5/12
Here are my pranksters.  All week they were hiding and jumping out at people.  They are silly boys and enjoy a good prank.  They got me a couple times especially in the mornings before I was really awake.  I swear one of them will give me a heart attack someday.

Day 97- Friday, 4/6/12
Only a couple more days until Easter and tomorrow is busy so we colored eggs today.  I found this molten crayon kit that was pretty cool.  You basically take crayon shavings and drop them on freshly boiled, still hot eggs.  I love how they turned out.  The boys colored some the traditional way too.  We have 3 egg hunts in our future--fun times!

Day 98- Saturday, 4/7/12
Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!  He's a huge steak and lobster fan so we went to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate.  Every year this time they have their lobster fest, and I always say we should go for his birthday, but we never do.  This year I made it happen and was amazed that even the boys liked the place and branched out to try new and unusual things--their taste buds are finally growing up.  Me, I'm not a seafood fan so I had the chicken--LOL!  Oh, and I must also mention it is our dog Bella's birthday.  She is now three and the boys would not want me to leave her out.

That's all for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I truly appreciate the time you took to leave me a comment to read :)

  2. I love your photos!! It looks like you have a really fun home!

  3. I ♥ that you took pictures of a "life happens" thing like the crack in your windshield. I need to remember to take pics of things like that.

  4. your flower photo with the bee is georgeous! it looks like you guys have a lot of fun at your house :)


  5. I love your photos! That is a neat way to decorate your eggs. I need to remember that for next year!

  6. Looks like a fun week! I love your month shots. I keep forgetting to do that. The lobster dinner looks yummy! That pogo stick looks really fun. Hope your next week is a good one!

  7. What an awesome set of photos again. My middle son really wants a pogo stick for his birthday this year! That flower shot is AMAZING!!!! And yum, what a delish supper, I wish we had more restaurants in our area! :)

  8. Great photos! Love the picture of the pogo stick & the picture with the flower & the bee is STUNNING! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Julie Coreyll

  9. Wow!! These are awesome. love that bee. So cool about the Easter eggs. Also that steak and lobster looks divine.

  10. Those are some seriously cool Easter eggs ;) I love your first two shots too. Looks like a great week ;)

    Hope you get some more warm weather soon!

  11. A great series!! My favourites are the bee in the blossoms (LOVE IT!!!) and your son on his pogo stick. And I just love pajama days!!

  12. Looks like you guys had a fun, busy week!