Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 18

What a great week! It's was very busy, but there was lots of sunshine and good times.  The month of May just started but seems like it's flying by so fast, and I'm afraid it will only get worse before it gets better.  We have so much going on this month, and it seems like I hardly see my older son anymore.  I guess I should be happy he's so active and involved, but at the same time I hate to see him grow up too quick.  Hopefully once school is out we can regroup and slow things down a bit to enjoy our family more--well after Europe anyway ;0)

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 120- Sunday, 4/29/12
How crazy is this?  The boys were able to use the pool for the first time this year in April!  I don't think we were able to get in last year until the first week in June.  The water is still pretty cold but it was hot enough out that they found it refreshing.  Me, I just watched them while sipping a cold drink by the pool.  It's still not warm enough for my liking.

Day 121- Monday, 4/30/12
I needed something tall and narrow to add to this table beside our arm chair and this Eiffel tower fit the bill.  I like looking at it when I'm feeling overwhelmed (almost daily these days) to remind me of my upcoming escape.  It will also be nice to remind the boys where we are when we are gone, plus once we return it will hopefully remind us of our wonderful trip.  We leave in a month!

Day 122- Tuesday, 5/1/12
Happy May day!  Justin was kind enough to take this picture of me posing as the monthly marker in or flower beds around the pool.  I love how the foliage here has really filled in over the past couple years.

Day 123- Wednesday, 5/2/12
Tyler is filling out his first job application!  It's a volunteer position to be a Teen Hero at the local summer camps and he's looking forward to the experience.  He grew up in those camps and is now ready to give back.

Day 124- Thursday, 5/3/12
More pool time!  Most afternoons we are here at the city's rec pool for swim team and soon water polo as well.  The first shot is Tyler swimming in the foreground and then a shot of his brothers with Coach Kurt while waiting for their turn.  I've been doing well working out in the rec center while the younger two are in the pool which is the only way I can squeeze in exercise these days.

Day 125- Friday, 5/4/12
May the 4th be with you!  Lego was really pushing a Star Wars sale today.  We already have plenty of Lego Star Wars in this house although I'm sure my boys would always like more.  Tyler's very first Lego set was a huge Star Wars set from his uncles when he was 4 that John had to put together for him.  Little did I know then that my house would soon be taken over by Legos of all kinds.

Day 126- Saturday, 5/5/12
For Cinco de Mayo we made nachos which were a huge hit with the boys.  John was helping Justin get more creative about what to add to his helping like hot sauce and jalapenos.  He's probably the most adventurous one when it comes to food and has more taste along John's liking than mine.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.



  1. Looks like another fun week. Those pool shots look so inviting, and those nachos look yummy!

  2. What a great week! I love those shots with the pool- so refreshing.

  3. I'm with you on how fast May is going-I can't believe it's the 8th already! Your nachos look good; that's what we had, too. Without the refried beans, though...they're so hard to find here!

  4. I love how your photo a day really captures your "week!" I love the wide angle shot of your son filling out his job application and how you captured that milestone. Love the garden marker, too (great idea!). Your photos are stunning (and real) and really speak life!