Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 17

Happy May Day!  It's hard to believe we are starting May already, but I'm ready.  It will most certainly be a busy month that will fly by.  There is a lot to do before our big trip to Europe, and its the last month of school for the kids.  Wow!  Summer is right around the corner.  It even felt like it this past weekend.  It was so warm my kids  swam in our pool.  The water is still too cold for me, but it sure was nice to sit out there and relax with a refreshing drink after some yard work.  I could use more of that!  It almost makes up for the lack of pool time we got in Vegas.  I love my little backyard retreat.

OK, here's a peek at what last week looked like-

Day 113- Sunday, 4/122/12
I missed my boys and am happy to be home after our short trip to Vegas.  How will I last 16 days in Europe without them?

Day 114- Monday, 4/23/12
Brandon is now wanting to read quietly on his own.  My baby is growing up, but I love that he still needs his favorite snuggle toy to do so.

Day 115- Tuesday, 4/24/12
I noticed there were a few rose bushes around the neighborhood in bloom so I peeked out back to see if any of ours were, and sure enough, we had some beautiful roses basking in the sun.  It must mean Mother's day is right around the corner and is one of the many signs marking the changes from spring to summer.

Day 116- Wednesday, 4/25/12
On Survivor night I let the kids pop popcorn, and Justin has learned how to take care of this task, but he's still a little messy getting the popcorn in the bowls.  Bella knows this all to well and will sit patiently waiting for a few nibbles to drop.

Day 117- Thursday, 4/26/12
Here's some more changes.  It's time for a room update.  Tyler's old comforter was worn and he really needed something a little more grown up looking so I found this one for him at Target.  Now we need to get rid of all the cutesy sports stuff and give his room more of an edgy look to go with the spread.  I'm thinking he may need a bigger bed too or at least one without a foot board!

Day 118- Friday, 4/27/12
It's so nice out today that we spent the afternoon in the backyard with the dog.  Most of the time Bella is in the house or confined to her dog run so it's a treat for her to be able to run free in the yard and she especially loves my flower beds.  I just happened to catch her peeking up out of this bush waiting for an opportunity to bound after the boys. 

This is my favorite of the month ;0)

Day 119- Saturday, 4/28/12
Hmmm, lot's of dog pictures this week.  That was not really planned, but I love it.  She is a big part of our life after all.  Spring cleaning includes cleaning the dog!  She really needs a bath and today was the perfect day for that.

Wait!  One more:

April's Family Photo

The weather's been so nice that it seemed only fitting to take our monthly family photo outside.

Well, that's enough for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week hopefully with more outdoor pictures.  We're finally loving the weather here in sunny California.



  1. Lovly photos! Can't believe how tall your oldest son is! Saying that, my oldest is already taller than me and he is only 12, I am not very tall though ;) the close up of your doggy is lovely!

  2. What a great looking family! And I love your sweet Bella ;)

    Happy May!!

  3. Beatiful photos - my fave is the one of Brandon reading. I love seeing kids get caught up in the world of their book.

  4. Oh my- look at Mr. Stretch! It reminds me that it won't be long before my son stretches from one end of his bed to the other too. Great week!!!!!

  5. I love family photos! YAY! we could totally be friends IRL our kids too and our dog. I have an avid reader (who has a snuggle thing too :)) and we have a fluffy black doodle who LOVES popcorn! :) Happy Project Life!

  6. I ♥ the different things you incorporated that are such a part of everyday life like the ritual of popping popcorn to watch Survivor & new bedspreads, etc. :)

  7. You have such a beautiful family! Also love the picture of your sweet dog in the yard.

  8. Thank you for visiting my pages. I love the idea of a monthly family photo - thanks for the idea!!

  9. Love the family picture. I tried doing a picture a month last year and it just didn't work out. After about 4 months we lost momentum.
    Seeing your son stretch from one end of the bed to the other makes me realize how fast time flies. It won't be long before my 5 year old and my 1 1/2 year old boys do that.

  10. I was thinking that your son was going to need a new bed besides the bedspread and then read the end of your paragraph and saw you were thinking the same thing. So fun how you've recorded little things like the dog waiting for popcorn!

  11. Great week in photos! Looks like some beautiful weather! Love the one of your dog in the flower bed, and it's so great that you get the monthly family photo...maybe next year that will be (only) goal!

  12. Great shots. Love your doggie. So cute. Great family photo.