Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 24

Boy it's good to be home. We had a fabulous time in Europe but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I also missed my boys and am happy to be surrounded by their love once again. I'm still going through all our pictures (so many!), but I at least have enough done to post a picture day while we were gone. I also had Justin take pictures for me of things that were happening at home, and with my mom's help he was able to get a good few. I had to fill in a some blanks with pictures of things I know happened and with receipts of stuff my mom kept for me.  This means you will see 2 pictures a day for the next couple weeks- one of John and I in Europe and one of the kids at home continuing their crazy busy schedule which I was happy to leave behind. 

Enjoy week 24:

Day 162- Sunday, 6/10/12

Welcome to the UK!  I'm here at our hotel in the pouring rain but that's how London is.  We really liked how centrally located our hotels were on most of this trip.  This one is right near the London Eye and Big Ben with the London Tower just a short boat ride away.

Back at home Justin does his nightly ready like a good little boy.  My two younger kids were less than pleased that nightly readings need to continue through summer break.

Day 163- Monday, 6/11/12 

John near the Tower Bridge in London.  Then we toured the London Tower where they keep the crowned jewels and lots of impressive armor.

Meanwhile, the boys are enjoying the start to their summer break.  They have the whole week off to spend at home before they start day camp next week.  Bella is happy for the extra attention.

Day 164- Tuesday, 6/12/12

We boarded a Eurostar train today and made our way from London to Paris traveling through the "chunnel".  Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower.  Once again our hotel was really close so we got to see this wonderful monument many times over the course of our stay.

Justin's new glasses came in today and my mother was kind enough to take him in to pick them up and even had to go back a second time to get them adjusted just right.

Day 165- Wednesday, 6/13/12

Tonight we went out and saw a dinner show.  It was fun, but I was really tired and kept falling asleep!  I'm not used to so many full days and late nights and we've just begun!

There's Tyler!  He has a really busy summer and doesn't get much of a break.  His training for his summer job started yesterday and continues through tomorrow.

Day 166- Thursday, 6/14/12

Finally some nice weather for our last day in Paris.  We really enjoyed touring the Palace of Versailles especially the gardens on such a beautiful day.  They are unreal and we barely saw a fraction of them--acres and acres!

Target called and Brandon's auto-refill prescription is ready so grandma made a quick run to the pharmacy.

Day 167- Friday, 6/15/12

After traveling all day on the party train we finally made it to Nice in the south of France and the weather is perfect here.  We have an amazing view from our room and a wonderful sea breeze coming right through the window.  Now this is a vacation!

Justin is keeping an eye on my plants for me while I'm gone.  Most of them are on an automatic drip but not a couple by the front and back doors.

Day 168- Saturday, 6/16/12
 The water is so perfect here but the beach not so much.  It's sandy right here in the water but most of the beach is pebbles that really hurt your feet and is painful to sit on.  I'm not complaining though because it's still a great place to be!  I've just never seen a beach with so many rocks.

My dad bought Tyler a water polo ball as a graduation present and they tried it out in the pool today.  He used to play in high school and was giving Tyler some pointers.  Tyler has orders to work on his dry grip.

That's it for our first week away.  Stay tuned for week 2 in Europe.


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  1. Love your Europe pictures! How fun and how neat to have the ones from home too.