Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 25

. . . and the journey continues.  Here is our last week in Europe.  It's hard to believe we've been there and back and saw so many things is such a short amount of time.  The history, art, and architecture there is something you will never find the likes of here in the states.  What a wonderful experience this was for us, and someday we'll have to go back with the kids.

Enjoy week 25:

Day 169- Sunday, 6/17/12

Enough of France--we're now in Italy cruising the canals of Venice.  What an interesting place this is with over 100 islands and more than 400 bridges connecting them all.  No cars allowed--just boat and foot traffic.

Meanwhile, back at home, my parents took the boys to see a movie.

Day 170- Monday, 6/18/12

As you can see our rainy days are behind us and now it's just down right hot--close to 100 degrees out.  For dinner we took a water taxi to the island of Burano which is a very peaceful and colorful place to get away from the crowds and fast pace of Venice.

The two younger boys start day camp today and Tyler starts his job at a similar camp in a different location.  I think they are all glad he is at a different camp ;0)

Day 171- Tuesday, 6/19/12
This morning we joined a walking tour through the many hidden streets of Venice and ended up at a local fish market where we then set off on our own to explore even more--actually I think we ended up doing laundry while eating gelato. Yum!

Justin is making his lunch to take to camp.  I'll have to remember he can do this and make sure he continues when I get back.

Day 172- Wednesday, 6/20/12

We've moved on To the beautiful city of Florence.  Here's one of it's many bridges in at sunset.  We timed our evening walk just right arriving at the river from our hotel just as the sun was going down--not planned but worked out perfectly.

 Brandon and Bella playing after camp.  Justin enjoyed taking more pictures of the dog than anything else while we were gone.  At least this one had his brother in it too and my dad's shoes in the background.

Day 173- Thursday, 6/21/12
 The Tower of Pisa in all it's glory.  I didn't realize before this trip that it's actually the bell tower of the church it stands next to. 

 The boys received the postcard we sent from Paris.  It was sent from the Louvre and for some reason they stuck it in an envelope to mail?  I thought post cards were self-contained.  The next postcard coming should be from the Vatican.

Day 174- Friday, 6/22/12
Rome is our last stop before we head home in 2 days.  The Colosseum is amazing and we were supposed to tour the inside as well but because of some demonstration march that was ending here it was closed to the public today.  Guess we'll have to come back some other day.

 Tyler and my dad were so proud that they were able to get the pool cover rolled up perfectly.  So my mom had to take a picture to show John how it's done right.  That is impressive.  Now will we be able to do repeat the impossible?

Day 175- Saturday, 6/23/12
On our last evening I got to throw my coin into the Trevi Fountain.  Can you guess what I wished for?  Tomorrow we head home.

 Speaking of home, my mom put our travel itinerary up on the pantry door and they checked off each of the places went to as the days went by.  Only one check mark left and that's us coming home!  Can't wait to see my boys.

What a trip!  a picture a day doesn't even cover a fraction of what we saw but you get the idea.  I'll have to put together a travel album or maybe even blow up some of the pictures for our home.  Now back to reality.



  1. WOW- what amazing photos of your holiday, so glad your having a wonderful time

  2. Ah, Italy! so much fun! You had a busy trip! What amazing things, but I bet you were glad to get home! Home sweet home! Hope all is going well!