Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 29

Yes!  My relaxing summer can begin.  Last week was the last of swim, the last of Tyler's job, the last of water polo (for a couple weeks anyway), and today is the last of Karate until Sept.  I feel so free.  Now if work would just slow down for a bit.  At least we have ground breaking, important stuff happening that makes all the craziness worth it there.  What to do with all this extra time?  I think some family fun is in order ;0)

But before that, last week's pictures:

Day 197- Sunday, 7/15/12
Ouch! Unfortunately Brandon backed into an old style lantern sitting on the ground while camping and it burned his poor little leg.  We have the new battery ones that can go in your tent so I had forgotten how hot those old gas ones can get until this happened. My poor baby :0(  It's so painful.

Day 198- Monday, 7/16/12
After reading with Jingle Brandon set the pup up to watch him practice his Kata for karate testing tomorrow.  He loves this little dog, and I think Jingle was impressed with Brandon's moves.

Day 199- Tuesday, 7/17/12
We have a friend nesting in our patio cover out back.  She comes here every year and sets up a nest, but has yet to be successful.  The high afternoon winds usually blow her nest down at some point before the eggs hatch.  Maybe this will be her year?

Day 200- Wednesday, 7/18/12
Time to put on the tennis shoes and hit the gym while the boys are at swim.  It will be the last I see of the rec center once swim is over.  Then I can just workout at home again.

Day 201- Thursday, 7/19/12
I'm waiting with Bella in the vet's office. She's due for a checkup and a shot. All she can think about is getting that cookie after she's been good ;0)

Day 202- Friday, 7/20/12
Setting up for the swim meet tomorrow. I have the food bag packed, the coffee maker set, the cocoa-motion machine ready to go, the sun screen packed, and the towels, chairs, tent and what not in the car. I think we are ready for our early start--we have to be there by 6:45am both Saturday and Sunday this week because it's Champs, but then we're done for the season!

Day 203- Saturday, 7/21/12
We're at Swim Championships and there is a lot of down time because there are sooooo many swimmers to get through.  At least the kids know how to enjoy this time.  Here is Tyler and the other teenagers all squished in one tent playing a game.  Later there will be about 10 more in there.  Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so hot and humid today.  Where's that delta breeze?

Wait!  One more . . .

July's Family Photo

This was taken by our good friend Lily just before we left our camp at Rollins Lake Sunday.

Now that's it!
Check back next week to see how we're doing
at enjoying our free time.



  1. his poor leg! Hope it's healing ok! Looks liks a fun and busy week in your neck of the woods!

  2. Ouch on the leg- but otherwise a great week. LOVE that family photo!

  3. Ouch! His poor leg! Your swim meet prep is very impressive! Oh my! Love the dog watching your son--so cute! Have a good week!

  4. I cannot get over how GORGEOUS your photography is. It's always got great lighting, great composition, etc. LOVE IT! You are incredibly talented.

  5. Love the family photo! You have a beautiful family. Hope your extra free time is filled with lots of relaxation.