Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 28

It feels like summer is slipping through my fingers, and I'm so not ready. Target has school supplies out, Tyler needs his sports physical done, and swim team is almost over. I hope the next few weeks are a little more relaxing and feel more like a true summer break. It's too soon for school to start again.  At least the temps make it feel like summer might last. Last week was a hot one which is more like we expect out of our summers here in the valley. The past two years have been very mild, and I'm actually happy to see the heat come back--it's good for enjoying our pool.  

Now for last week's photos:

Day 190- Sunday,7/8/12
John's brother is coming to pick up his bike this week so John decided he better get some good riding time in.  He went out for a nice Sunday morning drive.

Day 191- Monday, 7/9/12
Poor Brandon--someone at camp told him about a scary movie, and he hasn't been sleeping well.  We've helped him through many nightmares and can usually get him back to sleep in his own bed, but every now and then it's just too much, and he needs to sleep in our room to feel safe.

Day 192- Tuesday, 7/10/12
Tyler's off to swim practice.  He's become one with is bike this summer and will ride himself to water polo in the mornings and swim in the afternoons.  I think he likes the freedom, and I like not having to drive him.  It's also a Tuesday which means the bug guy is here to take care of our yard as you can tell from the truck parked out front.

Day 193- Wednesday, 7/11/12
I told you it was a hot one.  We've had 100 degree temps pretty much all week, but this is normal for us in July and August.

Day 194- Thursday, 7/12/12
A teaching moment.  Justin is showing Brandon how to beat a game on the 3DS.  He's lucky to have 2 older brothers to help guide him through a lot of things.

Day 195- Friday, 7/13/12
We're starting the weekend early up at Rollins Lake near Colfax.  Time for some camping.  I was hoping to escape the heat here but it's still pretty hot.

Day 196- Saturday, 7/14/12
We're camping with 5 other families and having a great time around the fire late at night.

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.



  1. That campfire shot is awesome! So understand about the heat--we are frying here! ugh. . .your poor boy and his nightmares. That is hard. Glad he can find some comfort and get some sleep. Bless his heart!

  2. I know what you mean about summer slipping by. Looks like you had a fun week though. That camping trip looks wonderful. What a beautiful spot!

  3. What a GREAT week in pics. I hear you on the heat- 100+ is everyday stuff this time of year. Not that it makes it any more comfortable- just normal.