Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 33

It's the beginning of the end for summer break--school starts tomorrow!  After being home for a week with no camp, I think my kids are ready.  Even though we've packed some fun things in there and gone out and about they still seem a bit stir crazy.  Maybe it's the heat?  Whatever the reason, I'm glad they're ready to go, and I look forward to a good academic year.  I'll have one starting high school, one starting middle school, and one in 3rd grade.  Lot's change this year but also exciting times.

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 225- Sunday, 8/12/12
I went upstairs and found Justin all sacked out after the swim team awards.  He's sleeping with his trophy in hand--too cute but strange.  This child never naps.  He's been that was since he was born.  I'm not sure what came over him, but he must need it so I'll let him sleep.

Day 226- Monday, 8/13/12
Today is National Left Handed Day so I had to take a picture of my lefty.  I always wanted to be left handed when I was younger because I had a best friend who was, and I thought it was so cool.  As much as I practiced that never happened but I did end up with a left handed child.  My youngest son Brandon is a lefty and proud of it.

Day 227- Tuesday, 8/14/12
We took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today for some family fun.  The boys and I are ready to ride Brandon's first big coaster, Roar.  He was thrilled to be tall enough for at least one of the bigger rides and this is what he conquered.

Day 228- Wednesday, 8/15/12
I finally got around to the dreaded back-to-school shopping, but this is only for 2 of my kids.  I'm not sure what my high school freshman needs yet.  So much for a free education.

Day 229- Thursday, 8/16/12
I made it to Michael's today.  They were having a frame sale, and I have a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to frame, but I can never seem to find the time.  Since I'm off most of this week and half of next week now is as good a time as any.  Once school starts and I'm back to work forget it.

Day 230- Friday, 8/17/12
Tyler had his freshman orientation this morning.  He got his class schedule, PE lock, and PE clothes.  I still can't believe he's starting high school next week.  Because of water polo and early dismissals for games we already had to put in a request to change his schedule, but it was done quickly and now he has one that will work better.  They switched his biology and PE class times so instead of missing honors biology which would not be wise he'll be missing some PE.

Day 231- Saturday, 8/18/12
I spent most of the day finishing the younger boys' room.  They've had their new comforters for awhile now, and I've been collecting stuff to change out the safari animal theme to a shark/ocean theme for months but haven't gotten around to getting the wall art up until today.  Brandon is thrilled and Justin is impressed but says he needs some jellyfish and a spiny puffer fish added before he'll be completely happy.  I'm working on it!
That's all for now.  Check back next week to see how we're handling school and a crazy schedule that has 3 kids going in 3 different directions.



  1. Great photos. That is a lot for school supplies. Was that including clothes?

  2. I am right there with you with 3 different schools. It has been a killer this week--3 different back to school nights in a row. My husband was not trilled :) The sharks and ocean stuff in the room looks great! Hope the beginning goes well!

  3. Great collection of photos! I love the wall decor in your sons' ocean themed room!

  4. Wow sounds like you accomplished a lot on your time off! I hope they have a great school year.