Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 32

I'm looking forward to this week because it's the last week of summer, and I get to spend most of it with my boys before they go off to school.  I can't abandon work altogether, but I'll try to be there as little as possible.  Today even John is off from work to join as we take the boys on a surprise visit to Six Flags.  They'll be so happy since they've been asking to go for the past few years.  I'm looking forward to a great day with my family.

Before that let's look at last week's pictures-

Day 218- Sunday, 8/5/12
In preparation for the new school year Tyler and John hit up Fry's for a new computer the boys can use.  They've had hand-me downs for the past couple years which were really slow and are all dead now so with one going into high school and another going into middle school it was time for something a little more powerful and reliable.

Day 219- Monday, 8/6/12
This picture was actually taken yesterday, but I'm posting for today to show how John is now riding his new bike to work.  He bought the used bike Saturday and is super excited.  Hopefully it will save on gas money although this is a bad week to start riding because it's going to get too hot real fast.

Day 220- Tuesday, 8/7/12
Poor Tyler got a flat tire on the way to water polo practice.  He made it there ok, but John had to leave work to pick him and the bike up afterward and then later they worked together to change the tube since he'll need it for the rest of the week.  Now days he's crippled without his bike.


Day 221- Wednesday, 8/8/12
Ugh!  The heat and lack of water at summer camp triggered one of Brandon's migraines which ended in a vomiting episode :0(  Bella doesn't like it when one of her kids is sick.  She's staying close and watching over him--such a good nursemate.  I'll have to make sure Brandon stays really hydrated this week.

Day 222- Thursday, 8/9/12
Speaking of the heat, here is our forecast today and for the next few days.  Nothing but triple digits. 

Day 223- Friday, 8/10/12
Those hot August nights make for great night swim weather.  Both Brandon and Justin were so excited and happy to be able to swim after dark tonight.  The water was perfect and so refreshing.  Tyler just wrapped up water polo "hell week" (5+ hrs of practice every day) so he passed on more pool time.  LOL!  Can't say I blame him!

Day 224- Saturday, 8/11/12
How about a summer picnic?  This was so much fun!  John and I went with friends to a local winery mall (The Old Sugar Mill), tasted a bunch of fabulous wines, and picnicked on the grounds.  It was the perfect way to end the week.

OK, we're one week closer to the start of school :0( 
Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. LOVE your week- I wish my hubs bike got good gas mileage. Those hogs sure suck it up. :)

    Great pool shot. I keep having these visions of beautiful night pool photos but it never works out quite right.

  2. Looks like you had a good week despite the heat and a few bumps. Your poor little one with that migraine though. Hope he's feeling much better!

    Love your pool and that picnic looks like such a good time ;) Can't wait to see your pics from 6 flags!!

  3. Hope you have fun at six flags! Can totally relate to the triple digits and heat. Bless your little boys heart! Hope he is feeling better. The night swim looks so nice! Have a great last week of summer!