Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 38

Happy Tuesday!  We had a really great weekend.  It's nice to have a free weekend here and there to just have fun and spend with good friends and family especially after such a long and crazy work/school week.  I'm exhausted, but was glad we had so much fun.  I'm going to need another escape here pretty soon because it's so hard to keep up, and I feel so guilty if I say no to anything. September is coming to an end really quick so I'm hoping October will bring not only cooler weather but also a damper in activities and obligations.  One can hope!

Here's what we did last week:

Day 260- Sunday, 9/16/12
We got Rusty a cat tree and Tyler decided it was his job to train him how to use it.  He loves this thing and has abandoned his little cozy bed for sleeping up higher on his new perch.

Day 261- Monday, 9/17/12
It's time to sort through books and get rid of the ones my kids have either all read or outgrown.  I can't get rid of them all because some have sentimental value, but this weekend I was able to decided that these here are ready to go.  Now to find the time to get them out of my house by donating to the school or local library. 

Day 262- Tuesday, 9/18/12
Target was having a sale on lava lamps, and Brandon has an older one he got at a garage sale that does not work so I picked this one up for his and Justin's room and got a red one for Tyler's room.  They are pretty cool but take 2hrs (yes--I said 2 hrs!) to warm up before they really work so we have to remember to turn them on at dinner time in order for them to work once it's dark.

Day 263- Wednesday, 9/19/12
Here are my golden boys.  They received gold medals this week for their STAR test scores from last year.  It was Brandon's first year taking a standardized test and he did great just like his brothers.  Rusty is of course the ultimate golden boy ;0)

Day 264- Thursday, 9/20/12
These two are still working on learning to get along.  I love how Bella is peeking under the pillow to find him, and Rusty is peering over the blanket spying on her.  They crack me up.

Day 265- Friday, 9/21/12
Today was a pretty exciting day with the Endeavor shuttle flying low right over the Sacramento area at about 9am.  Some teachers let the kids outside to see, and they all had a great view.  Brandon was so excited and impressed he came home and built his own model out of Legos and then was glued to the news later that evening as they showed picture after picture of shots from our area.  It was so neat for them to witness this part of history.  Unfortunately I missed it while at work in Davis ;0(

Day 266- Saturday, 9/22/12
Here's the perfect way to end my day and week for that matter.  We went out for some food and drinks at Zocalo's.  Blackberry margaritas were the drink of the day.  Later we hit up a friend's birthday party and ended up staying out way too late.

That wraps up another week.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday.



  1. Your life sounds a bit like mine right now! Too many things to do and not nearly enough time to get them done!

    Looks like a great week in pictures! The dog and cat are funny together. I bet they are quite entertaining. Congrats to your boys for their medals!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your incredibly sweet comment. I truly appreciate both!

  2. That drink looks yummy :) and the pets spying on each other just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your week.

  3. Hope you get some slower weeks soon! That is cool about the space shuttle! How neat for the boys to see it, and his lego creation is cool. Legos are just the best! The pet pictures are cute! Have a great week!