Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 39

Welcome October!  I wish it felt more like fall, but its down right hot here.  Yesterday we tapped out at the century mark and are expecting more of the same today.  I'm ready to leave the heat behind and move on.  One more crazy month until the holiday season starts.  It can be stressful and crazy too but also relaxing because we have a lot of time off from work and school.  I'm so looking forward to that!  I need my downtime back.

Until then let's look at last week's pictures:

Day 267- Sunday, 9/23/12
Today is my oldest son's birthday.  He just turned 14, is a freshmen in high school, and is having a blast playing on the JV water polo team this fall.  Go Tyler!

Day 268- Monday, 9/24/12
Most of the plants and trees are starting to turn and look a little sad as we come into fall but this rosebush out back seems to be thriving.  It gives off some of the biggest, most richly colored roses I've ever seen.  I'll be sad to prune it back in preparation for winter at the end of next month.  Seems crazy mentioning winter in this heat.

Day 269- Tuesday, 9/25/12
Justin's working hard on a poster for his English class.  He always works in the strangest body positions and you gotta love the hole in his sock ;0)  That usually means he needs a new pair of shoes.  I better check on that!

Day 270- Wednesday, 9/26/12
Thank goodness today was a minimum day because Brandon would not have lasted a full day at school.  It wasn't long after we got home when he broke with a migraine.  At least his meds kicked in and prevented the vomiting attack that usually follows.  He slept for a good hour and half while the cat played around him.  Poor kid :0(  I hate how this knocks him right off his feet.  Oh, and look at the scab on his elbow from a fall at recess last week.  *sigh*  He's hard on his body and his body is hard on him.

Day 271- Thursday, 9/27/12
Rusty has had enough with pictures.  He likes to pounce at my lens and attack the camera strap.  He moves too quickly these days for any good shots.  I'm waiting for the day when he'll be happy to just sit on my lap and cuddle.  For now it's all about play, play, play!

Day 272- Friday, 9/28/12
Yum!  Not quite as good as the real ones in Paris but they'll have to do until I can return.  So far Trader Joe's is the only local place I've found that carries these Parisienne treats.  I'll take what I can get and just wish I had more while in Paris.

Day 273- Saturday, 9/29/12
 Tyler and I were at a water polo tournament in Roseville at Oakmont HS most of the day.  He was there all day Friday too!  I took the first picture of the team and coach plotting their strategy during a game, and then Connie, one of the polo moms who has a much better camera and lens, took the second picture of Tyler in action.  She's been fabulous all season taking great close up shots of everyone on the team.  So happy she does this and is great about sharing.

Wait!  One more-

September's Family Photo

 Since it was so hot this weekend we decided to to take our monthly family photo in the pool.  It will probably be the last time we swim for the season although with these temps who knows?!  

Now that's it.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!



  1. I ♥ the picture of the kitty & how it's not a "perfect" shot of him just sitting and relaxing. But it is "perfect" b/c it catches the essence of what he's at and how active he is right now.

    I also ♥ Tyler's birthday cake. Did you make that?
    So cute!

  2. A very happy birthday to your son. My son is 14 too.

    Sorry to see the other little man not feeling well- but the kitten playing while he rested was funny. Totally un-phased by him & his condition.

    The water polo team is exciting. My first boyfriend in HS was a water polo player. That is grueling work. I'm impressed by their stamina!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tyler... Great collection of photos this week. Poor Brandon I get migraines too they are horrible to get when you are still little, hope he outgrows them a bit. Love the family photo series.

  4. Great set of photos. Look like a busy week! Your kittie is so cute.

  5. Kittens are so funny. My youngest cat is 5 or 6 now and still pulls crazy stuff like that. Sometimes I wish she would stay put for a second. Love your family picture! Do you take one every month? That's such a good idea.

  6. Great pictures! So sad about your youngest and migraines. My 10 year old daughter gets them too. Not fun. Those cookies look yum!!! I have never had an original in Paris. Maybe some day . . . have a great week!

  7. Great photos! That is one cute kitty! Poo poo on the migraine, poor kid! But a big happy belated birthday to Tyler!! ;)