Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 40

Brrr!  It's a little chilly this morning and dark, but it will warm up nicely.  After some crazy hot temps at the beginning of last week we have finally settled into a welcomed Indian summer.  It's so pleasant outside--almost makes me want to do yard work, almost! Actually, I really wouldn't mind if I had the time.  To celebrate fall we're headed to Apple Hill this coming weekend.  I'm looking forward to picking apples with the kids and some good friends, to buying a pie or two, to sampling some cider, and to maybe even hitting up a winery.  I also need to think about getting the family to a pumpkin patch soon.  The days are just flying by.  I'm having a hard time keeping up but will enjoy my fall even if it kills me.

Now take a look at last week's pictures while I munch on some pumpkin bread ;0)

Day 274- Sunday, 9/30/12
This will probably be one of the last weekends we spend in the pool.  I'm not sure what John and Justin are talking about but it looks serious.

Day 275- Monday, 10/1/12
Happy October!  Our new family member gets thrown into the rotation of taking a monthly marker picture.  I was amazed to actually get him to sit still for a shot.  The key is to catch him as he's waking from a nap and then you have a couple minutes before he's in full on zoom and play mode.  That's his favorite toy with him--Mr. Cat Fish.

Day 276- Tuesday, 10/2/12
Brandon's Halloween costume came in the mail today and he loves it!  He wears it all over the place even in this 100 degree heat.  Yuck!  It's way too hot for fur.  He wanted to be a werewolf and I really didn't like most the choices out there until I came across this Pottery Barn costume. Now to get him some fangs and have him work on his growling face.  He's just too cute to look mean and scary.

Day 277- Wednesday, 10/3/12
Today was a big day for Tyler.  After 2 yrs and 2 months his braces have finally come off.  Here is the before and after.  The first shot was taken on the day he got them in July of 2010 and then today with a nice, straight smile and a fixed overbite.  He's so happy to be free.  

Day 278- Thursday, 10/4/12
I can always tell it's close to fall when my orchid starts to bloom.  I love that as everything else is dying this one plant comes to life even though it needs to be repotted.  LOL!  The poor thing seriously needs a bigger pot and that has been on my to do list for over a year now.  Someday soon!

Day 279- Friday, 10/5/12
What a busy end to the week!  I could have included at least 3 different pictures here.  This morning one of our grad students that works in the lab had her baby and I got to visit her in the hospital at lunch, then when I picked the kids up from school I learned that Justin won a kindle in the monthly "Caught Ya Being Good" drawing--very exciting for him, and last but not least Brandon and I took Rusty into Davis for his 12-week kitty exam and shots.  He weighs a whopping 3 lbs--LOL!  Brandon was great keeping him calm.  The poor thing was shivering from fright but still purred through the entire 1 1/2 hr exam.  I never thought we'd be there soooo long.  At least they are thorough.

Day 280- Saturday, 10/6/12
Thankfully today was a more relaxing day.  Tyler hosted a sleepover with 3 of his friends.  Here they are settling down for the night to watch the movie Battleship, and Justin was happy to tag along.  Brandon was at his own first ever sleepover.  It seemed weird not having him here.

That wraps up another week.  Only 12 more to go!



  1. Wow, no more braces, that is a big deal! Love the orchid picture! Those are so beautiful! Love the kitty month picture and the Halloween costume. You are on the ball with that. My kids still don't know what they want to be. Glad you are getting cooler weather. We actually turned our heater on this weekend--it got below freezing! I am loving it! Have a great week!

  2. INCREDIBLE photography as usual.
    I ♥ the side by side pic of your son when he got braces and the day they got taken off. What a great way to mark time and see the difference, not only in his teeth, but how he's grown. :)

  3. I'd love to hear which farms you visit in Apple Hill. I'm headed there next week.

  4. No more braces- I remember that day. It's an exciting one! Congrats to him!

  5. Is it really only 12 more to go? Yikes...I always forget how Fall hits and the rest of the year disappears.
    Congrats to no more braces! I remember when I got mine off. Best day ever...or so it felt at the time! :o)

  6. What a great werewolf costume, I'm sure a big brother might be able to teach him some fierce faces :)

    Yay for no more braces and your lounge room looks like a great place for friends to hang out in, bet he was celebrating them coming off.

  7. Ha ha! Love that costume!! And those orchids are gorgeous.

    Apple picking sounds like some awesome fall fun! Can't wait to see some pics ;)

  8. your cat is so cute! I bet your kids love her! We have a new puppy and my older daughter is crazy about her!

  9. That is the best Halloween costume ever! My 3 year old is very impressed!