Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 44

I'm liking the look of November.  All this week my kids have minimum days for conferences which means I have short work days, next Monday is a holiday, and the week after is the week off for Thanksgiving.  Throw a wine trip, clothes shopping, and girl's weekend in there, and I am all good! I'm so looking forward to this much needed me, family, and down time.  Plus we have our oldest son back because water polo is over.  It was a wonderful experience with a great group of kids but very time consuming, and I felt like I never got to see my son.  He's bored out of his mind now, but I love that he's home.

Take a peek at our last week in photos:

Day 302- Sunday, 10/28/12
I did a lot of fall baking this weekend which was fun and yummy.  We still have apples from Apple Hill so for dessert tonight I decided to finish my baking off with some apple turnovers. They were a big hit fresh from the oven and topped with a little vanilla ice-cream.  Yum!

Day 303- Monday, 10/29/12
Late last night--too late for a picture--the SF Giants won the World Series in a sweep!  WooHoo!  We're huge Giants fans here since John was born and raised in San Francisco.  I was going to take a picture of John's Giants' flag flying out front today, but he's already moved on and is ready to root for the Niners in football tonight.  LOL!  Thankfully they won too.

Day 304- Tuesday, 10/30/12
It's time to carve pumpkins.  I love their concentration.  Tyler rocks at gutting this year.  Must be those strong water polo muscles.  What a fun and messy afternoon.  I'm so glad Tyler could be here to join us ;0)

Day 305- Wednesday, 10/31/12
Happy Halloween!  Here is my very cute, not so scary werewolf.  The boys had a great night treating, and luckily the rain held off until after we were done!

Day 306- Thursday, 11/1/12
I'm so happy it's November!  September and October were brutally busy so I'm looking forward to some slower days and fun family time.

Day 307- Friday, 11/2/12
Tyler came home and pulled out this certificate to show me.  He was selected by the school's leadership team as Athlete of the Month for October!  I have no idea what the criteria are, but I think it's pretty cool and a great confidence builder for him.

Day 308- Saturday, 11/3/12
Time for some adult fun at a local winery.  This one is in Lincoln not too far from Sharon and Richie's home.  It was a beautiful fall day in an amazing vineyard with great company and good wine--the perfect way to end yet another week.

That's it for now.  Check back next week for more family fun.



  1. Your apple turnovers look amazing! Please share the recipe! Looks like a fun week and so glad things are slowing down for you. The vineyard looks beautiful! Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like you have a really great month planned. The Apple Turnover looks amazing!

  3. What a fun week. Looks like you are making the most of fall!