Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 48

December is such a fun month!  I don't have to think about having a picture each day because I usually have multiple.  It's more like, "Which do I choose?" with so many festive activities happening here and there.  We had some wild weather this weekend with lots of wind and rain, but we made it through OK and are looking forward to a small break before the next system hits.  Now it feels like winter!  We're hoping for a good ski season this year, but even with all the rain it's been warm so there's not much snow in the mountains yet.  Bring it on!

While we wait for the wondrous white stuff take a look at last week's pictures:

 Day 330- Sunday 11/25/12
 The family headed out to Leatherby's Ice Cream Parlor after dinner.  I had a Groupon and figured it was the perfect way to end our Thanksgiving break.  The boys were impressed with the size of their treats, but it still only took Tyler all of 5 minutes to demolish his.  Poor Justin was not feeling well and just wanted to go home.

 Day 331- Monday 11/26/12
 Today we adopted an elf and the boys named him Scout.  They are super excited to see what this elf will be up to over the next few weeks.  For now he's headed back to the North Pole for "training" until December first.

 Day 332- Tuesday 11/27/12
 My karate kids.  Tyler has been back all month since water polo is over for now.  He helps teach the lower belts in the younger kids class and then attends an upper belt and teens class right after.  I love seeing my 3 boys all suited up together.

 Day 333- Wednesday 11/28/12
 Justin is thrilled to have the computer back in working order with a new hard drive.  I think he missed it most of all.  Now my work computer is having a similar problem and it's an Apple.  I thought those things did not happen to Apple computers?  I'll be without my work computer for at least a week while it gets fixed--so crippling.

 Day 334- Thursday 11/29/12
 The rain has started and the kitty is intrigued.  He likes to watch the rain drops fall on the window and slide down.  Me, I'm happy for some warm boots to help me brave going out in this stuff.

 Day 335- Friday 11/30/12
 Brandon and I went out to walk the dog and got caught in a down pour.  We both came home soaking wet and cold so we decided to warm our feet by the fire.  I had the wrong footwear on at the time and should have been wearing those boots!

 Day 336- Saturday 12/1/12
 Happy December!  Our elf is back and made up the monthly marker for us.  Brandon is thrilled and decided to read Scout the Elf on the Shelf book to welcome him home.

That's all for now.  Check back next week for more holiday fun.



  1. Love the picture of your boys all in their karate outfits! I love Leatherbys! I go whenever I am in Utah, and their caramel sauce is divine! My inlaws send me a bottle for Christmas :) Love your boots and stay warm and dry this week while having fun! Our weather is in the 70's, not too snowy here :)

  2. Your boots are so cute!
    I have the same problem as you do...I have so many pictures it's hard to pick just 1 per day.

  3. Oh I love that ice cream parlor, what fun!

    Great shots this week. And poo poo on your Apple. I've used Apple for years and never had that happen. Hope it's an easy fix.

    Can't wait to see next week's shots. ;)