Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 49

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We spent the better part of last week slowly putting up decorations--it's a process people!  I finally got the last of the ornaments on the tree today.  It's all fun though and worth the effort.  I love to see the excitement build in my kids.  They can't wait for the holiday break and neither can I.  The teachers have really been piling on the project work lately, and we could all use some downtime.  This week alone Justin has a speech to give, a major essay due and a math project to present via power point.  He's less than thrilled but knows once he makes it through the next couple weeks he'll be free to enjoy a nice long break.

Take a look at how last week went:
 Day 337- Sunday, 12/2/12
Justin helped John put the Christmas lights up on the house this afternoon.  It was pouring rain and really windy this morning, but by 11am the clouds parted and the sun came out so they seized the opportunity.  Brandon and I were inside hanging stockings, lighting the banister, and setting out nutcrackers.  'Tis the season.


Day 338- Monday, 12/3/12
Brandon is working hard on his wildlife diorama due Friday.  I love how he really concentrates while cutting things out and look who's supervising in the back--it's Scout our friendly elf who knew we were decorating for the holidays and was kind enough to hang this banner for us last night.

Day 339- Tuesday, 12/4/12
It's time to light the first candle on the advent wreath.  I know the candles should be pink and purple but those are hard to find and I like the red and green ones better anyway ;0)


Day 340- Wednesday, 12/5/12
Look what we won!  The younger boys and I went to the MIND Institute's thank you party on Saturday and each parent was given 3 tickets to try and win a gift basket.  They called today to say we had won something and luckily Justin had class there tonight so it was an easy pick up.  I thought we had just won the ice-cream goodies in the basket but it also came with this amazing ice-cream maker!  How cool is that?

Day 341- Thursday, 12/6/12
I bought a new wreath for the door this weekend and added the snowflake and a few berries it liven it up. My old one died last year so I was looking for something a little different that would pop on our red door. This one fit the bill.

Day 342- Friday, 12/7/12
Most of our Christmas decorations are up, but we still needed a tree so this afternoon as soon as the kids got home from school we went to pick one out at Home Depot--LOL!  They have the best trees for the best prices.  We've gotten our tree from them for the past 3 years and have been really happy with the results.

Day 343- Saturday, 12/8/12
Yesterday we got the tree set up with lights and garland but didn't have time to add ornaments until today.  The cat is thinking, "Wow! Thanks for the fully loaded cat tree--just for me?  This is way better than the one with a little carpet and rope."  Actually he's been pretty good so far.

Another week come and gone.  Thanks for stopping by.
 I hope you're enjoying this holiday season as much as we are.



  1. Oh my goodness! I love your wreath! :)

  2. What an awesome goodie basket!! Congrats on winning!
    That's so wonderful that your kitty is behaving. Mine would probably be in it, attacking poor passing people and pups.

  3. I love your holiday decorations! Christmas is coming up so fast!!

    You'll love that ice cream maker. My sister has one and uses it all the time. Hmmm, I should have put that on my Christmas list ;)

  4. Looks like a great week! (The teachers feel the stress this time of year, too ;), but I hope your boys are able to relax soon!) Congrats on the win--looks like lots of fun to be had!

  5. Great Christmas week! love your wreath! We are also just trying to survive until Christmas break. so much homework and so many projects! ugh! Hope you survive and have a great week! Have fun with that ice cream maker! Yum!

  6. Love your photos, I love the Christmas feel to them.