Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 1

Welcome to a new year!  My one word for this year is "tone".  I need and want to tone my mind, body and soul.  I feel like those 3 things are in a good place but could use a little fine tuning to get them right where they really need to be.  I also plan to catch up on a few projects like getting my past 365 pictures into digital books.  I had one done for 2010 and got half way through the year for 2011 but then lost track of time and now here we are starting 2013!  I'm working on getting my Europe pictures into a book as well and loaded onto a digital photo frame I got for Christmas.  I know once I get it set up I'm going to love that thing, but I need my pictures totally organized first, and I'm not quite there yet.  I want to put all our monthly family pictures on the frame too.  We'll see--lots to do and little free time between juggling work and family.  It seems like the last thing I need is more pictures, but I'm excited to start another year of project 365.  It's been amazing to look back over the past 3 years and see how our family has grown.

Here we go with another year.  Enjoy looking at our first week in 2013:
Day 1- Tuesday, 1/1/13
These are my wonderful boys getting bigger and older day by day.  They are all ready to tackle a new year but not quite ready for school to start again next week.

Day 2- Wednesday, 1/2/13
Brandon spent most the day building a KRE-O Transformers set.  The sets are a lot like Legos but can be built in two ways--robot or vehicle.  Brandon has a couple other sets like this and he likes to build the robot first to play with for a couple weeks before destroying it to rebuilding the vehicle--in this case a firetruck.

Day 3- Thursday, 1/3/13
Bella and I are waiting at the vet hospital for her exam and heartworm test.  It's time to renew her preventative meds.  She looks all mellow here but as soon as the Dr. came in she was overly attentive trying earn good behavior treats.  She has them all figured out and ended up leaving with way too many treats in her belly.

Day 4- Friday, 1/4/13
It's Friday afternoon and I've got some winter sangria made waiting for the Wong family to show up and help us celebrate the start of a new year.  So yummy!  It turned out really good considering I used some "cooked" wine I got stuck with.  Now I know exactly what to do with the other two bottles.

Day 5- Saturday, 1/5/13
It's Justin's turn to do some building.  I love how he has to roll his sleeves up to get down to business--this is serious work here.  LOL!  He does not like the larger more complicated sets like his brothers but prefers the smaller Hero Factory sets that make creatures. He must have at least 30 collected and built.  We're running out of room for them all!

Day 6- Sunday, 1/6/13
This is Rusty my laundry buddy.  He loves laundry day, but I can't really say he's much help.  His favorite part is running between sorted piles and ambushing people that walk by.  You can see John in the background reading the Sunday paper.

I'll save Monday for next week's post and go Monday-Sunday each week after.

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone had a great first week.  For inspiration and support I link up at the following places--check them out!



  1. Love all your picture goals for the new year! Your boys are sure good builders! How fun! My kids all love legos. Love the kitty/laundry photo. Have a great week!

  2. packmom! thanks for your visit. and ...you have a nice blog here and an admirable family. I've always said it is a special woman that is a mom to boys.

  3. What a great week! Love the idea of toning your mind too!

  4. Looks like a wonderful week. That sangria looks really yummy!!

  5. Cute pictures! I can't believe you can get your three boys to smile like that in photos! I only have one, and sometimes it's hard to get him to cooperate! : )

  6. Awww- look how big kitty is getting!!!

    Did you enjoy the game yesterday? Incredible win!