Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 8

I tell you, my weeks are a blur!  It really is a good thing I have these pictures to look back on and help me remember what went on.  This week will be no exception as I try to keep up with 3 kids and no tag-team partner.  John is in Boston on work, and I'm going to have to drop a few balls in my juggling act.  It's impossible to be in so many places all at once!  At least the week will fly by, and we'll be back to normal real quick or so I hope!

Here's what last week looked like:

Day 49- Monday, 2/18/13
We are home for President's Day.  John doesn't officially have the day off, but he took a vacation day so he could join us.  He and Justin went on an early-morning, secret mission and returned with donuts which of course made everyone's day.

Day 50- Tuesday, 2/19/13
It's been awhile since I took a work picture, and I really want to try and get at least one in a month because it's such a big part of my life.  Today I did my first ever squash smears on a hamster spleen and liver.  The staining patterns turned out pretty cool (like mini works of art), and I even saw what I needed to see--parasites in the cells.

Day 51- Wednesday, 2/20/13
It was windy and cold today, but the sun was shining bright and Brandon was out of sorts after school so I suggested he go outside to play.  That did the trick!  He perked right up and had a blast just being a kid.

Day 52- Thursday, 2/21/13
Tyler had his first high school swim meet which will be one of the few I can attend.  Almost all of them are on Wednesdays at the exact same time I have to be at the Mind Institute with Justin.  At least I could be at this one and was able to help time races.  Here Tyler is getting ready to swim the backstroke.  It was nice out but got really cold once the sun started to go down.  The meet went longer than expected which meant we got to see this beautiful sunset over the pool. 

Day 53- Friday, 2/22/13
Happy National Margarita Day!  I love it when Facebook keeps me informed of these important events ;0)  It's also nice having a husband that loves to mix drinks.  This was the perfect way to end the week.  

Day 54- Saturday, 2/23/13
Big day here! We found Rusty's fish.  He loves this fish (had it since day one) and it's been missing for over a month now.  I kind of knew it was somewhere under the couch, but our sectional is not easy to look under.  For some reason I was on a mission this morning to find that fish.  Brandon helped me, and with flashlight in hand and a few contortion moves we did it!  We found the fish, a stuffed mouse, 2 crinkle balls, and 5 Nerf darts all under the couch.  It was a happy day for Rusty.  He played with his fish and carted it around all weekend.  Let's just hope it doesn't end up back under the couch anytime soon.

Day 55- Sunday, 2/24/13
Justin loves wasting his weekend away on the computer.  I don't let him use it for anything but school related work during the week so he makes up for lost time on the weekends.  Crazy kid loves those headphones too.

Wait one more!  February's Family Photo around the dinner table.  It's taco night!

The lighting isn't that great in this shot, but I like having one of us around the dinner table eating a meal we all made together.  We can't eat like this every night, but we do try to at least come together for a family meal on the weekends.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.



  1. Really nice pictures. I think it is great you have a picture of you from work. Great for your kids to see and I just looked back on all my pages for 2013 so far and there is only one picture with me in it. Love the picture of the family around the dinner table too.

  2. Nice weekly list! I didn't know you were into spleens and livers? hahahaha. Your boys are so fun, including the biggest one, too.

  3. Love your week and that sunset photo over the pool is beautiful! I really need to take a photo of me at work every once in a while - I haven't done it in years. Margarita night is always a good idea :)

  4. Love the donut shot! Yum! Your oldest is always doing something cool in the pool! That is neat! Love the family dinner shot and good luck this week playing single parent. That is not easy!!!

  5. Great pic of you at work. It tells a great story. I like how you've composed it. Well done. All your other pics are nice too, of course, but that one stood out for me. Such an important part of your life to get documented - of course!

  6. Love the work pic! Your job sounds really cool! I also love that you celebrated National Margarita Day. I'm going to have to remember that one for next year lol. Your February family photo is wonderful!

  7. I just ♥ ♥ ♥ your pictures!
    The one of you at work is super fun, and such a great idea.
    I agree...it does look like cool artwork.