Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 15

Welcome back!  Another busy week come and gone.  The weather has been so crazy lately--warm one day and cold the next.  Today it's windy AGAIN.  I hate the wind.  It irritates me.  Hopefully this system will pass soon and the rest of the week will be nice.  I'm ready for some warm, bright sun with no clouds or wind.  You just never know what you'll get in the spring.

Here's a look at what we did last week:

Day 98- Monday, 4/8/13
Brandon is almost finished with his planet poster due Friday.  He just has to get those letters glued down.  This was the first time he's used the computer to create a document on his own so now he has a profile and folder set up.  He's so proud and learned a lot!

Day 99- Tuesday, 4/9/13
Justin has a few projects in the works as well.  He decided he'd be more inspired writing his report on Spartacus if he dressed the part.  What ever works!

Day 100- Wednesday, 4/10/13
Sometimes it pays to run errands with mom.  It was a hot one today and a cold treat from Starbucks hit the spot.  Love the silhouette on the door.

Day 101- Thursday, 4/11/13
I was at the high school doing outreach today for a couple bio-medical classes.  That's Tyler in the foreground and me just behind the dice.  We had fun playing games to reinforce key ideas.

Day 102- Friday, 4/12/13
Brandon got a bug house for Easter, and this afternoon he caught 2 ladybugs in the backyard.  I showed him how to find aphids on a rose bush so we added a few buggy leaves and a little water to keep his critters happy.  He was so enamored with them and took great care of them all weekend before releasing them Sunday night.

Day 103- Saturday, 4/13/13
Tyler had a swim meet today.  It was a fun meet with relay races only, lots of loud music and crazy kids.  There were 6 other teams and we were one of the only ones with a fancy pop-up tent.  It looked so nice and was very useful on such a sunny day.  Thanks River City Boosters!  The boys ended up winning the meet and taking home a sweet trophy.  Look how happy the coach is in the back with his hat and glasses right behind Tyler.  LOL!  Love him--great guy.

Day 104- Sunday, 4/14/13
We had company last night and Sharon brought me some beautiful flowers that looked so pretty in the early light this morning.  The huge, yellow, spiky ones are really interesting and neat.

That's all I have for now.  It's such a crazy, busy week again.  How could it could get any crazier than the week before?  I have no idea, but things just keep popping up.  How many days until June?  I wouldn't mind hitting a fast forward button.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you next week.



  1. Love Justin's hat while typing. Good idea! Looks like a fun time at the high school and way to go on the swim relays! I am definitely counting down the days until school is out. Summer can't come fast enough. Have a good next week!!!

  2. So many fun things going on at your house this past week!
    I ♥ the picture of Justin at the computer in his "Spartacus" hat. That cracked me up!
    I can't believe we've passed 100 days in the year 2013 already.
    Hope y'all have a great coming week.

  3. Looks like another great week! I love that Justin gets into character while doing homework. Too cute! That's really neat that you get to do outreach at your son's high school too! Love the dice photo!

  4. Your boys had some really fun projects & events over that week. Love the planet poster.