Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 16

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  The temps have been in the 80's for a few days now which is great, but it's hard to enjoy with this crazy wind.  Someone make it stop!  It's not been kind to those with allergies.  I have many miserable people in my lab because of it, and my youngest has been suffering with more headaches than normal.  I really hope it stops soon so we can actually be happy about going outside for the rest of spring.  April is almost over!  Only one more week and then hopefully things will slow down a good bit so we can ease into summer.  That sounds so nice!

Take a look at what went down last week:

Day 105- Monday, 4/15/13
Today was an interesting weather day--hot, windy, cloudy and even a little rain later in the day.  Look at those dark looming clouds.  We're hoping the weather continues to warm and the wind quits blowing so we can start using the pool next month.  Also, our hearts go out to those in Boston for the mindless attack at the marathon today.  I just don't get it!

Day 106- Tuesday, 4/16/13
Tyler had a high-school swim meet this afternoon.  They are usually on Wednesdays when I can't go, but today I was able to be there to support him and his team.

Day 107- Wednesday, 4/17/13
At work I'm bulking up big time for a cell harvest.  These flasks are huge compared to what I'm used to working with, but they get the job done and help produce a lot of cells in very little time.

Day 108- Thursday, 4/18/13
Justin is helping run the sound board at the school play tonight.  He was recruited for training by Brandon's teacher so he can run the show the next couple years. This picture was actually taken by Mr. Folks at one of the practices.  I was working the Booster's snack bar and could not make it to the play, but John and Brandon were there to support Justin.  Tag team approach--too many things going on at once!

Day 109- Friday, 4/19/13
The bush we planted over spring break to attract hummingbirds is in full bloom.  I'm loving the dark red color with bright yellow tips.  We've seen a couple hummingbirds lately but not in this part of the yard yet.  I'm so thankful for a peaceful and beautiful day.  Sadly there was more ugliness in Boston with the city on lock down while the 2nd bomber was being chased and eventually caught.

Day 110- Saturday, 4/20/13
We had to get a few last minute pictures in for Justin's science fair project involving soda and Mentos.  He did the experiment a couple weekends ago, but we were so busy collecting data that we forgot one of the most important pictures--the impressive blast itself!  We shot the soda out horizontal instead of up vertical so it was easier to measure.  Another project done!

Day 111- Sunday, 4/21/13
 This morning I was walking by the bathroom where Brandon was brushing his teeth and saw our crazy cat, Rusty, curled up in the other sink.  I've never seen him sleep there before. At least he looks cozy and comfortable.

That's another week done and gone.  Check back next Tuesday to see what else we're up to.



  1. I just ♥ ♥ ♥ your work photos!
    Such a great idea to include such a big part of your life.
    The picture of Rusty curled up in the sink cracks me up.

  2. Your new bush...perfection should be its name..my oh my! But when I saw the cat in the sink, I started laughing...I have never seen anything like this before either...how cute. It seems like you really enjoy your job and that is so important. We spend so many hours of our life there, it is sad when the joy doesn't follow. Have a great week.

  3. Allergies stink, but yay for warmer weather! We've done the mentos experiment too, it's always good for squeals and laughter ;)

  4. This is a fun post....I like how you diary in words and images. Rusty...that's classic. My cat has recently taken interest in my teeth brushing. Not sure what that's about. Have a great day.

  5. I'm going to have to look into that Mentos experiment. It sounds fun, and the photo is awesome! And your cat in the sink...too funny! Glad you had a good week and you were able to go to your son's swim meet!