Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 29

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's a busy one for me at work today with lots of meetings so I have to make this quick. The best part about last week was the end of swim for the season.  We are done and free for now!  I'm so happy to have my afternoons back and hopefully my weekends too.

Here's what else went down last week:

Day 196- Monday, 7/15/13
Justin is excited to be preparing for a "chip party" at camp tomorrow.  A bunch of his friends and him bring different kinds of chips they all throw into a bowl and share at camp.  His favorite chips at the moment are Takis.  He loves chip party days and has also taken a liking to helping pack lunches which has been great for me. 

Day 197- Tuesday, 7/16/13
My new yellow rose bush, planted in the spring, has really taken off.  This color just pops in our yard and makes me happy every time I see it.

Day 198- Wednesday, 7/17/13
Tonight was family fun night at water polo.  Parents against players in an inner-tube polo game.  John and I had a blast but really felt it the next day.  I'm not sure how those boys do it!

Day 199- Thursday, 7/18/13
Brandon enjoys spending his afternoons playing with Bella or trying to teach her new tricks.  Bella enjoys any attention she can get especially from her boys.

Day 200- Friday, 7/19/13
The boys are reading on this fine Friday afternoon since it's a PG&E save energy day which means no TV or computer until after 7pm, and Rusty decided to join them.  I think he's happy we're spending more time at home with the end of swim practice.

Day 201- Saturday, 7/20/13
This weekend we're at Swim Champs.  That's Tyler on the blocks, to the right, ready to race freestyle.  Today turned out to be a REALLY long and hot day.  We all wish we didn't have to do it over again tomorrow.

Day 202- Sunday, 7/21/13
Day 2 at Swim Champs--at least it's cooler and the events are moving faster.  The boys just finished all their individual events and are enjoying a cool treat before relays.  They had a great day and are happy to almost be done for the year.

That's it for now.  Looking forward to quickly getting through the work week so we can enjoy a fun-filled weekend in Tahoe with family and friends.



  1. Oh hands down...this week you and your hubby take the cuteness factor. Love you two playing water polo!

  2. There are so many great photos this week, but my favorite is the one of your & your husband in the pool w/ the water polo head gear on!

    I love how you framed the shot of Tyler on the blocks & framed him w/ the 2 handles!!!

    I'm glad life is going to slow down a little bit for you.