Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 30

Hello Tuesday!  We had a great weekend and are enjoying a slow start to our new week.  No swim, no water polo and no karate!  The kids are loving the extra free time, and me, I have a birthday to prepare for so still busy but happy for the additional time to focus on that.  Even better is that we have nowhere to go this coming weekend.  I'm so looking forward to just hanging at home and relaxing for a change.

Here's last week's pictures:

Day 203- Monday, 7/22/13
I found a beautiful red tomato out back.  It's our first ripe one of the season.  There are about twenty more on the same plant but this is the only red one for now.  Can you see the others?

Day 204- Tuesday, 7/23/13
It's a busy week full of appointments.  Both these guys are seeing the Dr. today for simple checks.  This particular Dr. usually has us waiting for over an hour, but luckily today we were in and out in 10 minutes!  I'm hoping that's a new trend.

Day 205- Wednesday, 7/24/13
After taking all the boys for haircuts we had to stop at the eye Dr. before heading home to get Justin's glasses fixed.  They had an unfortunate run-in with a basketball at sports camp.

Day 206- Thursday, 7/25/13
It's Tyler's last day as a Teen Hero at the city's KIDS camp.  He had a great time this summer helping out but is happy to be done so he has some down time before school starts again.  I stopped by to snap this picture of him with his supervisor so he can count the time for the high school's required volunteer hours.

Day 207- Friday, 7/26/13
Just after lunch we headed to the mountains to spend the weekend with friends in Tahoe.  Once we settled in we took a small walk up the hill out back and enjoyed the view from these rocks.

Day 208- Saturday, 7/27/13
The weather was perfect today for hitting the beach at Lake Tahoe.  Such a pretty place to relax and play in the water.

Day 209- Sunday, 7/28/13
Time to leave the beautiful forest and these amazing trees to head home.  The trees are sooo tall and green here.  I also discovered the macro function on my phone camera and was able to get a great shot of this giant pine cone.  I wish I knew my phone could do that months ago.

Wait!  One more--

July's Family Photo
Taken in South Lake Tahoe by our good friend Loren on some cool rocks the kids enjoyed scaling.

OK, all done!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in August!  Can you believe it's almost August?



  1. Awesome, Andrea! now that I've discovered your blog, I need to go back and catch up! great idea and way to remember all the little things that make our lives wonderful. :-)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're summer is finally slowing down so y'all can enjoy it.

    I LOVE that picture of your feet and the water at Lake Tahoe. You always have the greatest angles & framed shots. That one of the tall trees next to the macro shot of the pine cone are cool.

    Also, great family photo for July! :)

  3. Great shots! I love the Lake Tahoe pictures... Very nice...

  4. I love June's family photo! I'm glad you guys had some fun at Lake Tahoe. That's good that your boys have some downtime before heading back to school!

  5. I love July's family photo! It great! I love the idea of a family photo a month. You know, I just hate it when you have an appointment for a well check and the Dr. over books. Ugh!!! Hope your week stayed calm and you got to focus on the birthday. Have a great weekend.