Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 32

OK--this is more like it!  I'm home with the boys for the next week before they head back to school.  We have no real plans which is just perfect after a very busy and scheduled summer.  I still can't believe it's almost over.  I'm hoping to just do some fun and simple things at home like make homemade ice-cream, run in the sprinklers, night swim, and build blanket forts.  It feels so good to be home.  Somewhere in there I'll find the time to do back-to-school shopping, but I feel like putting it off until the last minute because I'm just not ready and it's no fun!

Anyway, last week was pretty cool.  Check it out:

Day 217-  Monday, 8/5/13
After work, the first chance I get to sit down, Rusty seizes the opportunity to hop up and get in some snuggle time.  It's so cute how he drapes himself over me.  There are a dozen other things I should be doing, but they'll just have to wait until the kitty has had his mommy time.

Day 218- Tuesday, 8/6/13
After picking Justin up from camp I needed to stop by Nugget for a few things to help make dinner.  Justin is always a great help when it comes to loading and unloading the car with groceries.

Day 219- Wednesday, 8/7/13
Today was an exciting day for Tyler's water polo team.  They were recognized by Mayor Christopher Cabaldon at a city council meeting for their accomplishments this past year.  It's was so neat to see them all dressed up.  Coach Moe had a special cap made for the Mayor, and the team was presented with a declaration from the city.  I'm sure they'll do us proud this next year as well.  They are such a great team, and it's so wonderful to have the mayor and the city's support!

Day 220- Thursday, 8/8/13
Today is the last day of summer day camp for the 2 younger boys.  They are happy to be done and have the next week and half off before school starts.

Day 221- Friday, 8/9/13
Time to relax beneath the giants.  We just set up camp in Calaveras Big Trees state park.  The redwoods here are huge and amazing.

Day 222- Saturday, 8/10/13
Unfortunately Brandon is sick with a migraine and has been throwing up all morning so John stayed behind with him while the two older boys and I took to the trails and hiked through this wonderful grove of massive sequoia trees.  Hopefully the others will be able to experience them tomorrow before leaving.  It's not something you want to miss!

Day 223- Sunday, 8/11/12
On our way home from camping we stopped off at Moaning Caverns to explore.  That's a very tight spiral staircase in the steel cage that we took down, down, down into the big open cave.  It was a nice little adventure and the perfect place to stop for lunch.

Wait!  A couple more. . .

August's Family Photos

We were lucky enough to get 2 great family shots this past weekend in 2 great places that are wonders of nature.  We love exploring the outdoors and have certainly done a lot of that this summer. The first shot is on the Big Trees trail and the second is in Moaning Caverns.  I'm so happy Brandon was feeling better today and was able to see everything he missed the day before.

Done!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again next Tuesday.



  1. I enjoyed this post immensely...love caves and caverns and haven't had the opportunity to visit one in years.

  2. Poor Brandon and his migraines! What a fun trip! That cave looks scary to me. I would have to pass on that. Awesome about the water polo team!!! They are amazing! Enjoy your slow week before school starts! School starts in 2 days here!!! Where did the summer go??

  3. This week sounds like it was just NEAT, NEAT, NEAT!
    How NEAT that Tyler's water polo team was recognized & honored by the major.

    Those 2 family pictures are NEAT! :)
    I hope you enjoy the remainder of your relaxing summer before school hits. :)

  4. Wonderful August family photos! Looks like you guys had a really great trip. Those trees are amazing! Too bad Brandon and your hubby had to miss out on some of it. I hope you all enjoy your last week of summer vacation!

  5. Whoa! Those redwoods are awesome! What a fantastic trip. I would love to see them one day.

    Pretty exciting for the polo team to be recognized by the Mayor too! What a great week in photos!!