Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 43

Welcome to Tuesday!  We managed to survive last week while John was in Toronto, and we have him back for a week before he takes off again this time to New York.  Looks like we'll have to get used to this because he might have another trip sometime before the new year.  Lucky him, sad for us, but we'll soldier on and enjoy a trip together as a family over Christmas break.  Speaking of which, how is it Halloween already?  Where did October go?  Thankfully the one last bit of costume we were waiting on arrived in the mail yesterday so the boys are set.  Tyler actually has a game Halloween night which means I'll miss seeing the younger kids off to treating, but John will be here to man the house, and the boys have plans with friends anyway so all is good.  We've had an absolutely beautiful fall so far, and I'm looking forward to another month of the same before winter sets in.

Take a look at our last week in pictures:

Day 294-  Monday, 10/21/13
Brandon found this huge leaf outside.  It just amazes me how big these leaves get.  They don't look that big up on the trees.

Day 295- Tuesday, 10/22/13
After homework the boys were enjoying some time out in the yard.  The weather is so nice right now. We have to enjoy it while it lasts.  Before long it will be too cold, wet, and dark to be outside.

Day 296- Wednesday, 10/23/13
The boys and I were watching survivor and munching on popcorn which of course means the dog was close by just waiting attentively for the one dropped piece that will soon be hers.

Day 297- Thursday, 10/24/13
I just love all the natural fall colors around this time of year.  I have a lot of fake pumpkins to decorate with, but I also can't resist picking out a few colorful real harvest items to place in my home--so many interesting textures and color patterns.  Nature is amazing!

Day 298- Friday, 10/25/13
It's movie night with my boys.  We watched After Earth staring Will and Jaden Smith which they enjoyed.  John should be home around midnight but none of us will be able to stay up that late so we'll see him tomorrow.

Day 299- Saturday, 10/26/13
Justin is volunteering to help set up the school habitat this year.  He has a passion for plants and needs volunteer hours for NJHS so this is a perfect fit.  They broke ground today putting in a pathway and will start planting in a couple weeks.  Monday he'll stay after school to help label plant markers.  He's super excited to be involved.

Day 300- Sunday, 10/27/13
How do you get a reluctant teenager to pose for a picture?  Offer him food he can't resist.  I made pumpkin bread this afternoon, and when Tyler came down looking to score a piece I told him he could have one as long as I could have a picture.  Easiest picture I've taken of him all year ;0)

That's it until next Tuesday.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.



  1. That leaf is HUGE! How fun!
    I love that pic of you & the boys on movie night.
    I'll have to remember that bribery trick w/ food when Autumn gets older & doesn't want her pic taken. Have a great week! :)

  2. Glad you survived your single parent week! Love all your fall pictures and the fall decorations! Nature is amazing. Your pumpkin bread looks super yum--I would let you take my picture for a piece :) Have a fun Halloween!

  3. Aww I love the photo of you and your boys on the couch for movie night! I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!!

  4. Day 300 - Great tip I will remember!
    My husband used to travel a few times a year and as a treat for those who were left behind, I would buy chocolate. It became a much anticipated event. Dad would act out surprise that I was letting the kids have chocolate covered donuts for breakfast. Then he started traveling more frequently...then several times a month...I didn't foresee that happening. The kids never let me off the chocolate treat end of things.