Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 44

Welcome back and Happy Tuesday.  Last week was a super fun week with Halloween and all.  This week it's back to business.  John is in New York and the younger boys have minimum days all week for conferences.  I'm going to blink and it will all be over but that's ok because we have a 3-day weekend coming up.  It will be a much needed treat.

Until then here are last week's pictures:
Day 301- Monday, 10/28/13
We're set for Halloween!  Brandon's hat came last week but Justin's was on backorder and we weren't sure it would make it in time, but it came today so all is good.

Day 302- Tuesday, 10/29/13
Time to work the Boosters' snack bar at a volleyball game.  This shift completes my 10 hrs for fall semester. 10 more hrs to clock spring semester--joy!

Day 303- Wednesday, 10/30/13
Thank goodness today was a minimum day so we could get pumpkins carved for tomorrow.  Poor Tyler was the only one who didn't have time.  I also received a huge package of carving supplies from Pumpkin Masters this afternoon that I won from Gina at kleinworthco.com--perfect timing and wonderful tools to help with our creations.

Day 304- Thursday, 10/31/13
Happy Halloween!  The boys went treating with a friend while I was at Tyler's water polo game and John manned the house.  It was a busy but fun and fruitful night.

Day 305- Friday, 11/1/13
Justin was kind enough to pose with my monthly marker--welcome to November!  And I had to get a picture of Tyler with his mummy dogs.  I've been making these for dinner on Halloween since he was little, but he missed out yesterday with his game and all.  I didn't think he'd mind, but he almost didn't go to his friend's house after the game because he wanted his mummy dog--melts my heart that at 15 he still looks forward to this even when he's outgrown so much else.  Luckily I had the reserves to make more and surprised him tonight with his own mummy dog dinner--yet another food motivated shot ;0)

Day 306- Saturday, 11/2/13
I was walking upstairs tonight and caught the sight of my shadow on the wall and thought it looked pretty cool so since I had my phone in hand I snapped a shot.  It was a pretty boring day otherwise devoted to cleaning house.

Day 307- Sunday, 11/3/13
Today is day-light savings so we gained an hour and this over-committed boy took full advantage enjoying the extra time to relax.  What a nice lazy Sunday.  It's almost noon and he's the last to get dressed which never happens.

Another week come and gone.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.



  1. Those Halloween costumes are great! I'm glad the hat made it in time.
    That stinks that Tyler had to miss Halloween b/c of a match, but what a cool thing that he still wants you to make mummy dogs for him. :)

    I hope y'all have a great week.

  2. Love the mummy dogs story, and it is nice that even when they get older they still like old traditions :) Love the boys costumes!! Cool pumpkin carving stuff! Good luck this week, glad it sounds slower and enjoy your long weekend!!!

  3. I love your boys' Halloween costumes!! And those mummy dogs are such a cute idea. I just might have to make those a yearly tradition in my house :-)