Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 9

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're catching up on rain here in California.  It was a wet one last week but much needed so we'll take it.  This next week involves a lot of swim for all my boys so I'm hoping it's not too cold and stormy although we did get off to a wet start.  March is shaping up to be super busy.  I'd kind of like to just fast forward.  Is that an option?

For now we'll rewind and take a look at last week:

Day 55- Monday, 2/24/14
John is helping Justin build a catapult that can be used in his science fair project this year.  It involved a lot of gluing and drying so I'm glad they didn't wait until the last minute.  We have a few more weeks before the actual experiments need to be done.

Day 56- Tuesday, 2/25/14
Today was a nice day but this evening it started to turn cold and ugly because we're expecting a storm early tomorrow.  Rusty is happy to have the fire burning.  This is his favorite place in the evenings before we head to bed.

Day 57- Wednesday, 2/26/14
Hello rain!  It dumped and dumped today.  After school the boys had to bring in garbage cans so they enjoyed a few minutes standing and playing in the rain.

Day 58- Thursday, 2/27/14
I'm working on getting these kids settled down and off to bed.  They are looking forward to tomorrow since it will be Friday.  That makes everyone happy.  It's been a long week.

Day 59- Friday, 2/28/14
Yep--still raining.  The after-school pick up was worse than normal with more people driving to collect their kids in the rain.

Day 60- Saturday, 3/1/14
Happy March!  It's coming in like a lion so that means it will go out like a lamb, right?!  Justin's birthday is in March and his favorite color is green so he was happy to pose with my monthly marker.  After the morning rain passed John and I headed to Old Sacramento for a picnic that paired with wines at this tasting room.  I had a Groupon and it turned out to be such a fun outing with friends.

Day 61- Sunday, 3/2/14
We had fajitas and tacos for dinner yesterday and there were leftovers so that meant nachos for dinner today which is one of Tyler's favorite meals.  He was a happy boy.  It was a nice warm treat on another gloomy and rainy day.

That's it!  Come back next week for more fun and probably more rain.

The Mom Creative


  1. Sorry about all the rain. I'm thankful we get to stay at home a lot -- especially when it's nasty outside! Those nachos look yummy! :)

  2. Glad you got the rain! Love the green March photo! Way to go on the science project. That sounds cool! Looking forward to seeing a picture of it all done :) Those nachos do look yummy! Take care and enjoy your week!

  3. Yay for finally getting some rain!! Your date to the wine tasting room sounds amazing! I love good Groupon deals! The March photo is so cute! Hope you all are having a great week!