Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 8

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It feels like spring here but is supposed to rain later this week. With the warmer weather the bugs are out in full force.  Stay safe and fight the bite!  At work I'm knee deep in processing and testing over 5000 horse samples for a 50-state epidemiology study.  It will probably take us 8-12 months to get through all the testing.  100 down and 4900 to go!  It's called job security people :0)  but I still can't get over what 5000+ samples looks like in my freezer --Yikes!

Here's how last week went:

Day 48- Monday, 2/17/14
The kids are out of school today for President's Day so we checked out the Lego movie.  My in-theater picture did not turn out--too many crowds, grumpy kids, and poor lighting so this picture will have to do.  It was a funny and cute movie that my die-hard Lego builders enjoyed.

Day 49- Tuesday, 2/18/14
After the movie yesterday I took the boys to get new shoes and they got to wear them for the first time today.  Everyone wanted black.  Thank goodness they also had a touch of their favorite color to spice them up a bit.

Day 50- Wednesday, 2/19/14
They issued university-wide PPE (personal protective equipment aka lab coats) at work this week and they're actually pretty nice.  We look all official now with the fancy embroidery, and I especially love the cuffed sleeves and free laundry service.  After working here for almost 20 years it's about time the university stepped up to do this.  It's too bad it took a couple really bad accidents to make it happen though.

Day 51- Thursday, 2/20/14
Justin has been doing his nightly reading on his Kindle in our room so he's not bothering his younger brother who needs to go to bed earlier.  Rusty is a big fan.  He curls up with Justin each night which couldn't make Justin any happier.  They're so cute together.

Day 52- Friday, 2/21/14
Brandon joined me on our afternoon walk with the dog.  He enjoys holding her leash and being in charge.  Look how nice it is out.  Brandon is only wearing his hood to keep the bugs off his head and out of his ears.  There are way too many mosquitoes right now especially in the park.

Day 53- Saturday, 2/22/14
What a busy Saturday!  We had a bunch of morning chores to do including fixing our fence out back.  Justin was kind enough to lend a hand and help John with that.  I was prepping for a baby shower I was in charge of throwing at my boss's house, and Tyler had a semi-formal birthday party to attend.  Whew!  Long day that didn't end until well after 11pm.

Day 54- Sunday, 2/23/14
It's been so warm and nice out that John decided to fire up the grill for our Sunday family dinner.  I sat outside with him on the porch swing sipping wine while he worked.  It sure doesn't feel like February.  It got so warm in our house today I had to open the windows and turn on all the fans!

Wait!  One more--

February's Family Photo
After our yummy Sunday meal we busted out the drumstick ice-cream cones for dessert.  Seemed only fitting given the spring-like conditions.  Love these guys of mine!

OK, now that's it.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll join me again next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. It definitely doesn't look like February where you are, but it sure looks nice! Love the family ice cream shot! Your new lab coats look very nice, and love the reading picture! Busy week! Hope this next one is a good one for you and you get some rain!

  2. YAY for new lab coats! The free laundering of them sounds like the best part.
    I love your idea of taking a pic of the movie ticket stub next to a Lego!
    I've never heard of a semi-formal birthday party before, but Tyler looks all snazzy in his fancy clothes.

    What a cute monthly family picture.
    Enjoy the warm weather & send us some of your rain you'll be getting! :)

  3. Man! We had warmer weather last week too, but nothing like that! Of course, we are in Pennsylvania. :) Love the photos of your week! Especially the family photo!

    I didn't realize you were on your 5th year of Project 365! Kudos to you! I made it 3 and had to take a break.

  4. I LOVE the February family photo! Such a cute idea to pose with your ice cream. I'm glad you all had another good week. I can't wait until my little ones are old enough to go to the movies. The Lego movie looks really cute. I like your new lab coat too! That was nice of the school to do that. Sounds like a really nice weekend as well. Tyler looks so handsome all dressed up!

  5. It is so nice to see someone enjoy their job like you do! So many people are miserable where they work, this is the way it is meant to be. Nice family photo!

  6. this is so sweet! I love seeing these pictures!