Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 18

Hi there.  How is it only Tuesday?  This week is going to be way too long--booked solid at work and after so this will be short and sweet.  Seriously it feels like it should be Thursday already!

Here are last week's picture's:

Day 118- Monday, 4/28/14
Justin's class went on a field trip to the Academy of Science's in San Francisco, and I was able to go with them.  It was a gorgeous day in the city and a fun trip with some great kids.

Day 119- Tuesday, 4/29/14
Brandon finished his book project puppet.  It's a boy named Jack who was part of the California gold rush back in 1849.  I found some baby clothes on clearance he cut up to use.  Now to clear the table and move on to building a mission.  It's a good thing we have another place to eat at!

Day 120- Wednesday, 4/30/14
It's super hot out.  The temps are in the 90's.  Justin had an after school meeting so Brandon came with me to Tyler's swim meet and helped time.

Day 121- Thursday, 5/1/14
Happy May!  Love me some May flowers so I posed with the monthly marker and my pretty yellow roses while Justin took a picture for me.

Day 122- Friday, 5/2/14
Our old built-in grill rusted out so John had a new one installed today.  It's so shiny and clean but it won't stay that way for long.  He has big plans to break it in this weekend.

Day 123- Saturday, 5/3/14
It's finally cooled down so it felt good to be outside and play for a good bit this afternoon.  The younger boys and I rode our bikes to a park outside our neighborhood for a little adventure.

Day 124- Sunday, 5/4/14
I took the boys out for burgers while John was at birthday party in SF's Candlestick Park.  He got to tour the field and locker rooms plus party in a VIP luxury suite.  It's was a good way to say good-bye.  Candlestick is soon to be torn down because a new stadium has been built.  

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.

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  1. Love your May marker with your pretty roses! Brandon's book puppet is super cute! Aren't you ready for school projects to be over? Hope you have a good week and survive the end. We have 8 days of school left!!!