Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 19

Hello there!  I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was extra special thanks to my wonderful husband and boys.  They know how to treat me right.  Now back to reality.  I was hoping as we moved through May things would slow down a bit, but no such luck. I'm pretty sure nothing will change until school is out in a few weeks--so many last minute pushes to get projects in and of course my kids are done so keeping them motivated is tricky.  We all need a break!  The worst part is that so much about our summer is up in the air so we don't even know what to expect or how to plan.  I'm a planner and I hate not being able to make plans.  I guess I'll just have to go with the flow and hope that we'll have at least a few lazy days of summer fun in there.

Here's a look at our last week in pictures:

Day 125- Monday, 5/5/14
Our dining table has been taken over by mission building supplies and will not be cleared anytime soon.  Brandon can barely find room to do his other homework and fit in an after-school snack.  How many trips to Michael's does one mission project take?  Apparently 3+.  Ugh!

Day 126- Tuesday, 5/6/14
This week is teacher appreciation week and national pet week.  Justin knew exactly which teacher he wanted to make something for and exactly what he wanted to make.  Bella somehow knew I should at least act like I appreciate her more than I already do ;0)

Day 127- Wednesday, 5/7/14
Time for an afternoon pick-me-up to get me through yet another evening meeting.  When I start my day before sunrise I hit a wall just after 4pm so late meetings or activities really do me in.  Is it Friday yet?

Day 128- Thursday, 5/8/14
Tyler's been interviewing for lifeguard jobs.  Unfortunately he did not get a position at our city pool so today he is trying for a spot in Davis.  This picture screams Davis--huge shade trees and parked bikes.  Not a bad place to spend summer. 

Day 129- Friday, 5/9/14
Those darn snails!  Justin's poor red pepper plant got munched.  It was doing so well too.   I swear it had some nice big leaves just yesterday and now it's been reduced to a sad lonely stick of a stem :0(  We'll have to get another plant and put it in a snail proof container.

Day 130- Saturday, 5/10/14
The mission project is coming together but takes so much time!  Brandon and I worked on his model for about 4 hours today.  I love how he sticks his tongue out while he cuts and how excited he gets when he sees all the pieces come together, but I hate the burn blisters on my fingers from the hot glue gun and all the close calls with the x-acto knife.

Day 131- Sunday, 5/11/14
Happy Mother's Day!  I'm so blessed to be a mom to these three wonderful boys.  They spoiled me and made my day extra special, but of course the best gift of all was getting a good picture of me with them--a Mother's Day tradition.

That's all for this week.  Come back for more craziness next Tuesday.

The Mom Creative


  1. Glad you had a lovely mother's day! The mission looks awesome!!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a good Mother's Day! I love the photo of you and they boys -- such a sweet tradition! Brandon's mission project is looking awesome. I don't know if I'd be much help when my kids have to make something like that lol! And hopefully Tyler is able to find a lifeguard job soon!

  3. I am soooooo NOT looking forward to the days when Autumn has to do school projects. Why do teachers make life so hard for us??? LOL!

    I am impressed w/ how clean your car is in the shot of the Starbucks cup. Somehow I always end up w/ little crumbs all over my console.

    HAPPY (belated) MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  4. Love your Mother's day shot. That mission is looking impressive. School projects always seem to be more work for parents than the kids. Hope the job comes through! have a great week!