Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 25

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  What a long and crazy week last week was.  I'm hoping this week will be a bit slower and involve less time in my car.  At least the weekend looks wide open.  I'm looking forward to doing nothing ;0)

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 167- Monday, 6/16/14
This was such a busy week driving back and forth between my work, Tyler's work training, and other kid activities.  Here I'm waiting out polo practice after a super long day.  Thank goodness this school has a wonderful amphitheater with lots of great shade so I have a nice peaceful place to chill.

Day 168- Tuesday, 6/17/14
Fail and thrive!  I'm not sure why the plant on the right is looking so awful and the one on the left is growing like crazy amazing.  They are in the same soil, same water, same conditions all around.  Oh well! At least one will produce more than enough tomatoes for us this summer, and the other I'm about ready to just pull.

Day 169- Wednesday, 6/18/14
Someone is super tired today.  He had on-the-job training for his life-guard position from 8-5:30 and then we had to head straight to polo practice for 2 hrs.  There was only time for a quick bite and a small nap on the 30 min drive over.

Day 170- Thursday, 6/19/14
Justin is loving his new volunteer job at the KIDS camp and as a reward they get to do fun things every now and then.  This week they got a couple hours in a game truck and next week they get to go to a water park.  He's super thrilled.

Day 171- Friday, 6/20/14
It's his last day of training so he got his whistle and uniform.  It was another LONG day.  Tyler was at the pool in Davis from 8 to 5:30 again, and then once I picked him up we grabbed a quick bite to eat, snapped a road-trip selfie, and took off on our 3 hr drive to Clovis for the weekend water polo tournament.

Day 172- Saturday, 6/21/14
Back home John and the younger boys are at a swim meet.  It seems strange not to be there with them, but I was happy to see this shot of Justin that the swim-team's photographer took.  He's done an amazing job this season of getting shots of all the kids.  In Clovis at water polo land it's kind of sad that this blueberry-pineapple margarita was the best part of my day.  We played 3 games and lost them all.  The meshing of the two teams is just not working out like we had hoped.
Next year it's all us and only us!

Day 173- Sunday, 6/22/14
These boys crack me up.  It must be 100 degrees out and they are all piled on top of each other trying to chill between games.  At least today we had a better day and the best seats in the house--poolside and in the shade.  We even got to dip our toes in and were super close for a great view.  We won 2 out of 3 games, but it was too little too late.  Sadly we did not qualify for the Junior Olympics.
There's always next year and hopefully we'll have enough of our own players to try for it alone.

All done!  What an exhausting and long week.  I'm so glad it's over, and now that we know about JO's I can work on planning the rest of my summer.  That not knowing which way it was going to go and being in limbo land for so long drove me crazy.  I feel like an entire month of our summer has now opened up and that's huge.  Thanks for stopping by and check back next week for hopefully a much quieter one.

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  1. Water is the theme of your summer - that is for sure!! Hope this week is calmer!!

  2. Lots of swimming at your house! Sorry the tournament didn't work out. Hopefully next year! Justin's summer volunteer work sounds fun! Hope Tyler likes his job! We had our first swim team meet this week. Forgot how long they last. . . :) Hope your next week is calmer!