Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 26

Happy Tuesday and happy July!  How did we get to July already?  Yikes!  This year is flying by.  It's going to be a typical hot July here.  We'll be heading to the mountains to escape the heat for the 4th.  I can't wait.  It's not only cooler but more peaceful there.

Here is how last week went-

Day 174- Monday, 6/23/14
Unfortunately, late last night after Tyler and I got home from water polo in Clovis, Brandon woke up sick with a migraine and was throwing up until mid morning.  Neither one of us slept so I stayed home with him today and we chilled on the couch watching movies.  The original Black Beauty was on.  I haven't seen that movie in decades, and we both loved it.  Also, see the blue X?  That end of our sectional is broken and if you sit there you will sink!  *Note to self: Get it fixed.

Day 175- Tuesday, 6/24/14
He snaps back quickly.  Tonight is karate testing and Justin watches on as Brandon does his thing.  He was a bit moody today but otherwise ok and did great on his Kata.

Day 176- Wednesday, 6/25/14
My boys are happy to have this summertime treat.  Tyler in particular can't get enough.  I love the small sized ones.  They are perfect for our family.

Day 177- Thursday, 6/26/14
Tonight was the Glitz, Glamour, and Girlfriends' SPCA event in Rocklin at Thunder Valley Resort.  Sharon invited me to attend with some of her neighborhood friends and we all had a great time for a good cause.

Day 178- Friday, 6/27/14
My calendar is full!  Thankfully there is still time to squeeze in a date night here and there.  It was the perfect evening to spend at Chevy's on the river.  We ate outside and enjoyed the breeze.

Day 179- Saturday, 6/28/14
We have been talking about getting a firepit for our backyard for years and when we finally found one it was out of stock for over a month, but today was our lucky day.  John got it all set up, we did some night swimming, and then made s'mores over the fire.  It was really fun and a beautiful evening.  We could even see the stars.

Day 180- Sunday, 6/29/14
Here come the 100 degree temps again.  This next week is going to be hot.  The boys beat the heat today by playing a friendly game of ball in the pool.

That wraps up another month.  See you after the long holiday weekend.  Have a happy and safe 4th!

The Mom Creative


  1. Oh no about the migraine!!! The rest of the week looks good though!! Stay cool!

  2. Ummmm, that watermelon looks scrumptious! Hope your July is fun. I have been so lucky to get some great animal shots of my Lil' Girl.

  3. Aww poor Brandon :-( I'm glad he bounced back quickly. And yay for the firepit! We had to get rid of ours when we moved into a townhome, but I'd love to get one again one day. Roasting s'mores by the pool sounds like a great way to make some wonderful family memories.

  4. So sorry that Brandon was sick. I hope those are coming less and less often for him! Love the blue x on your couch though :) Your girls night out looks fun and your date night looks yummy! Love your firepit. We use ours so often--they are so fun and the perfect summer activity! have a great week!