Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 30

Welcome back and happy Thursday!  Hot, Hot, Hot!  That's the word for July.  We have been lucky the past couple years to have pretty mild summers, but this year is proving to be quite warm which of course is not good with the drought.  All water sources are looking pretty low and sad.  Our A/C system is still not right either so we're working on that.  Hopefully we'll have some real answers soon and it won't be to replace the whole system.  It is working just not as well as it should be.

At any rate here's what went down last week:

Day 202- Monday, 7/21/14
The boys just got back from swim practice, and I made them chicken strips for dinner.  Justin wanted to make a sandwich with his so he ran upstairs and grabbed a notebook where he had written his recipe.  LOL!  He cracks me up.  He was so diligent in checking and rechecking to make sure he had made exactly what was written.  It had the crispy chicken with lettuce, cheese, ranch and buffalo wing sauce.  He said it was the best ;0)

Day 203- Tuesday, 7/22/14
I was out walking the dog and spotted this rusted farm equipment wheel with some beautiful little sunflowers growing through it and thought that was a fun contrast.  I'll always be a country girl at heart.

Day 204- Wednesday, 7/23/14
Party preparations continue at our house.  My weekend will be shot so I'm trying to get as much done during the weekdays this week and next before the big day. 

Day 205- Thursday, 7/24/14
It wouldn't be a typical week without a trip or two or three to Target.  It seems my kids always gravitate to the cereal isle.  I'm pretty sure I buy at least 5-6 boxes a week.  Next stop--milk!

Day 206- Friday, 7/25/14
It's Friday!  No time to relax though.  John is at the pool setting up for a swim meet, and I'm picking kids up.  I just went to pick Tyler up from work and now he's unwinding with Bella--she's great for that.  Then off to pick Justin up.  He was at SunSplash water park all day with his Teen Hero group.

Day 207- Saturday, 7/26/14
 We're are at the end of the swim season! We'll be at the pool all weekend for the 2-day Championship meet.  John did a great job DJing for the event while I helped time some races and kept track of my swimmers.  We were here for 13 hours today in 100+ degree heat!!!! The ironic thing is that over those 13 hours my 3 kids together swam a grand total of 17 minutes (just over 5 minutes for each).  LOL!  More to come tomorrow.

Day 208- Sunday, 7/27/14
Here we are at day two. Last day of swim for the year and at least it was a cooler and shorter day--only10 hours ;0)  In the pictures: Coach Haley is watching on as Tyler and his friends prep to start a race.  There's fierce competition in the water with these teens, but once the boys are done with each event it's back to the tent for fun and games until the next race.

That's all.  I'm so happy to be done with swim and there will be no karate next month either so August is shaping up nicely.  Maybe we can relax a bit more during the last few weeks of summer. 

The Mom Creative


  1. At least you get time in the pool in the heat! We're having a fairly mild summer out here - we'll send some rain and cool air your way!

  2. Way to go on the swim team! Your party prep looks fun and Justin's sandwich looks yum! I am a country girl, so loved your old farm wheel and flowers! Hope you get some relief from your heat soon and get your AC working right!!!

  3. Holy moly…13 hours at the pool?!! I bet you're happy the season is over! That will be nice to enjoy the rest of the summer without the busy schedule. I just hope you're able to get that A/C working!