Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 31

Welcome back and happy Tuesday. Wait! Is it Tuesday again already?? Time flies and I'm not wanting summer to end. Only 15 days until school starts. Ack! I so need to go through closets and figure what I need in terms of uniforms and clothes. Wish I were a bigger fan of back-to-school shopping but I'm just not.  Enough of that.  I'm getting ahead of myself. 

 Here are last week's pictures:

Day 209- Monday, 7/28/14
It was another super hot week so today was a PG&E save energy day.  Brandon spent his time reading a new book we downloaded on his Kindle yesterday.  He's working his way through a Minecraft series this summer.  Big surprise!

Day 210- Tuesday, 7/29/14
Yesterday was Justin end of year party for the summer camp he worked at.  He brought home a trophy for all his efforts but was more thrilled to be bringing home the owl mug he made with the group at Color Me Mine.  It turned out cute, and he is so excited to have an owl mug for hot chocolate or coffee when he gets older. LOL!

Day 211- Wednesday, 7/30-14
I had a Boosters' meeting this evening and came out to this beautiful sky.  We're happy to have some cloud cover to help cool things down and make for some nice sunsets.  

Day 212- Thursday, 7/31/14
Happy Birthday Brandon!  My baby has hit the double digits and turns 10 today.  It happened in the blink of an eye.  He helped me bake his cake today but it's not quite decorated yet and is being saved for his party tomorrow so a birthday donut was in order.

Day 213- Friday, 8/1/14
It's the first day of August and my house has been taken over by 10 year old boys.  Brandon is having a birthday sleepover so I had the kids help me with my monthly marker.  Yes, he is wearing the same shirt from yesterday because it's his birthday shirt and he loves it that much :0)  Everyone had fun at his Lego party.

Day 214- Saturday, 8/2/14
It's time for an oil change on my car and also time Tyler learned this skill.  John showed him how to get the job done so the next time he'll give it a try on his own.

Day 215- Sunday, 8/3/14
Not the best lighting for a picture but we got one nonetheless.  It was family movie night at the theater and we saw the latest Transformers movie probably on its last running weekend here.  Unfortunately, Brandon ended up getting sick during the movie which is why he's missing in the picture.  Too much positive excitement from his birthday weekend--that always does him in.

Also please keep the Inter-Mountain Area of Northern California in your thoughts and prayers as they battle through numerous major fires because of lightening strikes and the drought.  I grew up in this area and know many of the people still living here and fighting to save their homes and businesses.

This amazing picture was taken by Ryan Albaugh looking from Big Valley mountain over Fall River valley towards Burney at the Eiler and Bald fires creating a smoke "dome of doom".  There's another major fire, the Day Fire, right behind him.  They all started the end of July and have been burning ever since forcing evacuations, road closures, and destroying tens of thousands of acres.  They did get some good rain yesterday so hopefully that helped.

On a happier note- Just one more:

July's Family Photo

A donut selfie taken on the very last day of July!  Had to squeeze one in, literally!  So fun.  We crack me up ;0)

Now that's it.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

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  1. Busy week!! Brandon's cake looks amazing! Hope he had a great birthday! Enjoy the last few days of summer and good luck with the back to school shopping!

  2. I think July's family photo is my favorite one yet! Love the donuts! Happy Birthday to Brandon! It looks like his party was a success. I hate that he got sick during the movie though. I hope he bounced back quickly!