Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 32

Welcome back!  Only 1 week left before the boys head back to school.  Summer is almost gone for good.  I could really use another couple weeks.  We had a super full summer but missed doing some of the things we usually always do like going to the state fair and camping.  Maybe we'll just pitch a tent in the backyard one weekend to help make up for it. We can't give up on summer yet.  I need more fun!

Speaking of fun, here are last week's pictures:

Day 216- Monday, 8/4/14
It's a Lego building day.  Brandon has a lot of birthday sets to put together before school starts and Justin scored this Guardians of the Galaxy set by using some gifts cards he earned this summer.  They were happy to be building together.

Day 217- Tuesday, 8/5/14
Share a Coke with my boys.  I found 2 out the 3 names we needed.  Not sure there is a Tyler out there.  I saw Taylor but not Tyler.  I'll have to check the website and see if he even made the cut.  Until then he'll have to deal with the large "Friends" Coke.  What we really need is one that says "Brothers" ;0)

Day 218- Wednesday, 8/6/14
John is traveling for work this week so it's made juggling work for me and kid drop offs interesting.  Tyler had to hang out at my work for a few hrs before his work shift started, but it gave him some good free time to wrap up those summer assignments.

Day 219- Thursday, 8/7/14
Remember this poor pepper plant that was striped to the stem by a snail right after Justin planted it this spring?  I was going to pull it the next day but luckily life got in the way and I didn't get around to it.  We were happy to discover a couple weeks later that it made an amazing come back and now is thriving like crazy producing lots of these green beauties.  Justin is so proud and has even used a few on his sandwich creations.

Day 220- Friday, 8/8/14
TGIF!  It's been a long week and the boys have helped a lot so I treated them to dinner and a movie.  We saw the Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D and it was actually a really fun movie--much better than I expected and also more emotional than I could have imagined.  Geesh!  I can't believe I cried a few times during a Marvel movie.

Day 221- Saturday, 8/9/14
I'm not sure why I'm smiling here.  This was an ugly chore that had to be done.  It took me 4 hrs to go through all 3 boy's closets.  These two were the worst.  Once I got through all the clothes in the upper part digging through the collection of junk down below was quite interesting.  My younger two must think the deep, dark depths of the closet are for stashing trash.  It's all good now.  We can see the floor in everyone's closet, and I know what sort of clothes I need to buy for the new school year.

Day 222- Sunday, 8/10/14
I finally got my husband back and in true fashion he's made me a cocktail.  It's good to have him back and this was the perfect way to end an exhausting week.  I'll do the single parent thing again the week school starts on top of jury duty--joy!

That sums up another summer week.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. Busy week! I want to see that movie now!! I need to tackle my closet before school starts and get it organized for easily choosing work outfits, no more shorts and t's!

  2. Love the Coke and Lego shots. So fun! Glad you made it through your single parent week, and sorry you have another one soon. Those are tough! Way to go on getting the closets gone through, I know that is a chore! We did it the beginning of the summer, and they could probably use it again :) have a great last week of summer!